Saturday, January 23, 2016


Lo'u Aiga,

It finally happened. We all knew it was going to happen eventually.. 😢
Sister Taituuga got transferred down to Hamilton. Temple view. She didn't go back to the Visitor's center, she's just in the palagi program. How depressing.

Funny story! We were going to go say goodbye to our old Ward mission leader the morning of transfers and we were both crying as in the car together. I was waiting to turn right onto their street when I look up at the review mirror and a car is zooming at us from behind! Before I can respond she rams into the back of us! LOL! Terrible timing! We probably scared that poor lady that hit us! She probably thought we were crying because she hit us! There was no damage to our car! But her car had a giant indent from the hitch thing where we hook up our bike rack! The funny thing is our hitch thing is super loose, so it shouldn't have been able to stop her car. Miracles! They happen every day!!

Sister Puaina (Sister Corrigan [my companion in the MTC's] Trainer!! and Sister Taituuga's companion before me!!) is my new companion. Sister Ulu is also still my companion! Sister Puaina is training Sister Ulu, and I'm basically their Chauffeur around the area ;) (Note from Mom: She said the chauffeur thing was a joke...)

I'm not going to lie I was terribly sad when Sister Taituuga left. Maybe a little depressed. I dunno how that feels but maybe you could call it that. For a few days I wasn't able to read my tusi a mamona (book of mormon) because my brain wouldn't understand. I am disappointed in myself that I allowed Satan to have that tight of a hold over me. No worries, I cast him out and can now read again. I miss Sister Taituuga but I am holding my sadness in check. There is work that needs to be done. Not my work, the Lord's work. And if the Lord saw it fit to give me a new companion, so be it. That is his choice, it's his work! He knows what I need more than I do!

Miracles have been on my mind a lot. I know that I say miracles happen every day. They do! But I am thinking about big miracles. I read that if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, we are worthy, and we have the spirit, we should expect miracles to occur. I want to become a missionary that can expect miracles to happen every day. That's a little insight into my brain I guess for you ;)

I Love you all so much!! Thank you for your love and support and PRAYERS!!!! They are deeply felt!! Your Heavenly Father loves you!!
Alofa atu,
Sista Peo

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