Monday, April 25, 2016

Today will be interesting

Lo'u aiga,

Faafetai i ke atua mo lenei avenoa mo imaili!! 

This is going to be fun... its a national holiday so everything is closed except the hospital and airport, so we received permission to email at a members house.. so here we are at Kalala Chan's house... I let my soa use the computer and I'm using her tablet... so if my English is worse than usual we are just going to blame it on the tablet eh? 😉 

This week has been... interesting.

Sister Taituuga (my trainer) finished her mission and flew back to Samoa on Wednesday!! But she got to stay with us Tuesday night and we drove her to the airport on Wednesday afternoon!!! I don't know if yous know this but I LOVE SISTER TAITUUGA!!!! I HAD THE BEST TRAINER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!! It was so nice to see her again and hug her and hear her voice!!! Not only that but she served in this area before she came to train me so she was able to give me and LuaLua some advice about the area! 

Sister LuaLua and I are both staying in Manuwera 2nd ward (much to LuaLua's dismay! She wants to go back to the English program) which I am very happy about!! 

Julia is doing well!! She came to church yesterday!! She is very excited for her baptism on 14th of May and we are going to try and get her to come to FHE with the Tuilimu Aiga tonight (shes busy today because of the holiday but we are trying). 

We are still struggling a lot in this area.... how badly do we need a miracle on a scale of one to ten..... 100000000000000000000000000000 

But we are pushing forward with faith!! The Lord put us here for a reason!! He knows his people and he knows what we need to do to help them!! All we have to do is have faith and stay worthy to receive that revelation!! 

I hope everyone is doing well!! Thank you so much for your love and prayers!!! They are very much needed and appreciated!! Sorry for the lack of pictures. ... I'm on a tablet...

Alofa tele atu,,,
Sista Peo

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pili, papatisoga, faamalama, galuega fafeautalai

Lo'u Aiga,

This week has been sweet as! I feel like everything is kinda crashing around my ears... but the end of transfers always seem to be like that! This one must be especially "crashy" because it was 8 weeks not 6!  Does that even make sense... eh. Sorry if it doesn't ;)

"Lizard, baptism, windows, missionary work" is the email title today before I forget!!

We did service for this 88 year old lady who lives by herself about a month ago. She wasn't interested in the church but we saw her working by herself in the yard so we went and helped her for about an hour and I left our number in case she needed help again. Well she called us this week and we went and did some yard work for her! She is hilarious because she loves to talk to us about the church and then right as we finish she's like "Don't teach me any lessons though! I'm stuck in my ways and I don't want to change!" BAHAHAH!!! It's seemed like she studied up on Mormons so we had plenty to talk about while we gardened lol!! She was hesitant to call us because she felt bad that we wouldn't accept money. But her daughter had a best friend that served a mission and told her "Call those sisters! They don't want to be paid! Their church is just kind!" How profound... our church is just kind. Thank you everyone for the examples you set for your friends that are not members of the church. It sure makes our job a lot easier.

We set a date for Julia to be baptized!!!!!! May 14th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for her!!!!!!!!! She is very nervous so we are trying to encourage her to get a blessing but she is just nervous as!! It will all work out for the best though!!

This week we broke into Sister Lewis and Sister Freddie's flat and heart attacked them.... it was a fail though because they came home right as we were about to finish... *face palm*... I don't remember if I told yous this but I am very good at jumping through windows... we've gotten into their flat countless times by me climbing up the shingles(?) of their house and through their window!! HAHAHA!!

The work is going slowly right now... but we are working hard trying to get the ward to wake up and get excited about the work!! I love you all so much!! I hope everything is going well for everyone!! Look for miracles this week!! They are everywhere I promise!!

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo
 Peo, LuaLua and Kalala Chang: whenever we don't have fafaga she tells us to come over and we can make a fry! Fry is just oil, some sort of meat and "vegetables.
South Auckland neighborhood.... this is by Julia's house... there's never much to see in New Zealand besides the sky and whatever you are standing next to ;) its not like Utah where you can see the mountains

 Sisters LuaLua and Peo selfies

Oh this is a lizard we found while doing yard work...yes I caught it... I hope grandpa is proud of me eh? :)

Little lizard

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Seki ah le konofesi!!!

O a mai lou vaiaso?
Wasn't conference the greatest?

I went in asking 4 questions and all of them were answered in the Saturday morning session! So sweet! I even thought of a fifth one half way through the Saturday morning session, and then the whole last talk answered it! Heavenly Father must love me or something eh?

Steven came to Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, I think 10 am was too early on the weekend for him... Which is a bummer because he missed the prophet. All goods. We have FHE with him tonight so I will download it on my flash drive and we'll watch on their TV. (Sorry for my spelling I'm pretty sure I'm not catching all of it... please bear with me ;))

Faleata wanted to come but twisted his ankle and was house bound for the weekend. That was a bummer. 

Conference was the best eh? Go to the temple, prepare for the sacrament, humble ourselves, serve and teach each other. Follow the spirit, remember the Lord, do your best. That's my 5 second synopsis on conference. 

I loved Elder Uchdorf's talk (ya ya ya architecture)!! and two people really stood out to me as teaching with power and authority from God... 1 is of course Elder Holland. the second was Donald L. Halstrom. I really enjoyed his talk. OKAY FINE!!! I loved all of the talks :)

I think that's about it! Have a great week! Look for miracles! Pray for how you can be a miracle in someone else's life!! 
Alofa tele atu!!

Sista Peo
Sisters Peo and Lewis (Sister Training Leader)

Washing the car? 

Sis Lewis

The night sky

The John Family

Me and my beautiful companion!

 Here's a picture of our new car, someone tried to sell it for $2 while we where in district meeting! ;)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

What do I even put here? I dunno....

Lo'u Aiga,

Man... crazy week this week! Let's just say that the temple week had great timing because as far as I could tell if we didn't go to the temple this week, everyone was going to self combust and die... Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit 😝 But we all REALLY needed the temple! We went on Friday! Man it was so good and so peacefully calm. It rejuvenated and soothed my soul. Why didn't I go to the temple every single day wen my church parking lot was the same as the temple parking lot? I feel if I had I wouldn't have been so stressed or worried. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!! 

Let see was it Saturday morning? yes! NO Thursday? I don't remember but for one of my personal studies I decided to take the Christlike attributes test in preach my gospel (page 126 in English for those of you that care) you know... just to see where I was at! I had guessed what my strengths would be correctly, but I was completely surprised by my weaknesses.

 My weaknesses are:
1) Patience - yous are probably laughing at me eh? That has always been my weakness! BUT I have really improved since I came on my mission I felt like, so to see it be so bad was surprising to me!

2) Hope- .... what? how can my weakness be hope? 

So naturally on Sunday you can guess what my study was... Patience and hope ;)

"But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it." -Romans 8:25

But when I first read it my brain recognized it for the opposite:

But if we hope not for the things we see not, then we do not with patience wait for it.

That made me stop and think eh. I know I hope for things!!! Why am I not constantly remembering the things I hope for?? I learned that I am harming myself by not constantly remembering the things I hope for. That is why when we take of the sacrament we promise to "always remember him", because we have hope that we can be made clean through the atonement of Jesus Christ. 

So what do I hope for?

1) I hope to become like Christ
2) I hope to have a successful mission

3) I hope to receive the blessing promised to me from the Lord

4) I hope to return to my loving Heavenly Father

I would like to bear you my testimony. I know this church is true. Jesus Christ paid the price for us to return to the Father, all he wants us to do is prepare for heaven. Prepare ourselves so when we meet our Savior and our Heavenly Father, we will not only feel comfortable in their presence, but also at home. Heavenly Father knows your thoughts, he knows your actions, especially when no one else does. He knows everything you do wrong... but he also knows everything you do right. He knows every good quality about you, even the ones you might not have discovered for yourself yet! He knows exactly who you need to become, and exactly how to get you there. But you can't do it, you can't even come close if you don't have hope and constantly remember the things you hope for.

I am so jealous that all of yous are watching conference right now. I am starving for the wrods of our prophets... but luckily I only have to wait another week!! I hope you all went into conference seeking on what you need to do to more fully align your life to God's will. If you didn't... Do it now and rewatch it ;)

I love you all so much! have a great week!

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

Lualua and I in front of the temple,

The CA Peo's Valentines Day card for me!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I just got it on saturday!! Check out where it was missent too!! LOL!!!