Sunday, November 27, 2016

Off the crutches straight into lace-ups!!

Lo'u Aiga Peleina!!!!

I AM OFF MY CRUTCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday last week Sister Cummings called and told me to wear lace up shoes in order to better support my ankle. Well... I only have one pair of lace up shoes.... and those are my Nike's..... So I HAVE to wear my Nike's all the time!! I also got the okay to drive again!!!

My childhood dreams are finally coming true- I get to wear sneakers to church!!!! Mission me is a little bit mortified but not nearly as mortified as Sister Seiuli... She is so embarrassed for me!! BAHAHAHA!!!!! It cracks me up to see people's faces!!

We had Zone Conference on Thursday which was very nice!! President Cummings did an awesome training on helping others recognize the spirit!! And Sister Cummings talked about how this life is just a time to learn the difference between truths and lies!!! Really awesome notes from both!!

We have been really working with our members trying to get some new investigators!! We have been visiting and just sharing Alma 13:24 and committing them to pray for a missionary opportunity for the upcoming week, and then setting a time we can come back and follow up!!! Half of them have said,  "Okay we will invite someone over for that date" BAHAHAHAH!!! All we did was invite you to pray but I am so grateful that yous are willing to go the extra mile!! I know angels are preparing the hearts of the people around us and we can reach out to them just by living the Gospel!!

We have also been sharing the Christmas initiative for this year which is 25 ways in 25 days!! It starts on December first and goes until Christmas!!! It explains 25 ways we can become like Christ over 25 days and gives a different challenge every day!! There is also a very wonderful Christmas Mormon message this year!! All of it can be found on Everyone should go check it out and do the activities with me!! :)

Hope everyone is having fun and gearing up for Christmas!!
Alofa tele atu!!
SIsta Peo

I know in this picture I'mm still in crutches but I'm not anymore!! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I don't have much to report

Lo'u Aiga,

Not much to report on this week...

We went down to Hamilton on Tuesday, I saw Sister Maire again!!!
I stayed in the flat Wednesday and Thursday, doing exchanges with the English Sisters so Sister Seiuli could get out of the flat. Friday we got out and had a mena lesson with one of our new investigators Mariah, she has lots of member friends and noticed how they all have strong relationships with God and that's what she wants!! She is so cute!! But she is worried about her Dad who is a strong Methodist and doesn't like the Church!

Saturday we tried to go out but wound up back in the flat again. Elders came and gave me a blessing, and blessed me with the will to rest and that I would recover and have no lasting effects from this injury!! Sister Cummings and I had a fun conversation Saturday night in which she found out I was driving around with my left foot so that we could get work done still!! She made me promise not to drive anymore so we've had to get rides to and from church and for emailing and stuff today! Also I am not to leave the flat until transfers on Thursday... We are doing our exchanges with Sister Taylor and Sister Buck so Sister Seiuli can get work done. I don't know what's going to happen with transferrs... I hope nothing but my ankle is a big hinderence for the work in this area! BAHA!!

I love you all so much!! Sounds like a crazy busy week for everyone!! Hang in there!!!
Spencer congrats on your wedding!!!!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo

PS...I didn't feel the earthquake at all... I am way far away from the south island.

 Hamilton Temple Nov 2016

 Peo and Seuili

Maire and Peo

Monday, November 7, 2016

Le lava

Lo'u aiga peleina,

Good week this week!! We got out and about and I was even off my crutches for a full 48 hours... and then I fell of the sidewalk and rolled my ankle... the same ankle... we were about a block from the car and we were trying to hop back to it when Elder Van Theil (zone leader) and Elder Barbosa drove by and saw us struggling. We asked them to go grab my crutch from the car but they did one better and just brought the car to me. I was given strict instructions to go home and rest... again... sigh. 

The ward was worried as about me when they saw me on Sunday STILL on my crutches. Everyone kept coming up to me and telling me to go to their house after our fafaga so that they could Fofo (Samoan form of healing, sometimes like a massage...) it. But I had heard stories about fofo for sprained ankles and that they were extremely painful... that's why I didn't let someone do it last week. But this week, we went over to Mauli'o's house and got a fofo... I had heard stories that people use their heels to fofo sprained ankles and push so hard on the ankle in order to pop it back into place and that people just bawl their eyes out... but Brother Mauli'o was very careful and used his hands!! WHEW!! He popped it back into place and the swelling has gone down heaps!! So we will go back and get one more tonight. :)

We got 5 new investigators this week!!! Mark we just taught the restoration!! He is 16 and Methodist, teaching him was a crack up because he couldn't understand my accent!! I would say something, and he wouldn't understand, then Sister Seiuli would say THE EXACT SAME THING and he would understand!! We were laughing so hard about it later!!!

London is 14 she lives in a foster home with social workers... she is allowed to visit our ward mission leaders house (her grandparents) for a few hours every Tuesday, we explained a little about who we were and what our message is and she wanted us to come back this week and share it with her!! She is a sweet heart!! :)

I think that's about it!!
Thank you so much for your love and prayers!!
Miracles happen every day!!
Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

Zone photo
my soa loves taking pictures with me ;)
right before I rolled my ankle the second time...