Thursday, January 7, 2016

Extra photos that have been posted on the mission facebook page

These are from Sister Peo's first moments in New Zealand, 
fresh off the plane where she had asthma troubles almost the entire flight :(

 Everyone kept getting these two mixed up.  The other sister is serving in the visitors center at the temple.

Picture of Sister Peo and Sister Taituuga at the font for Fagamanu's baptism

 After a mission conference--in the van

In December 2015, the New Zealand Hamilton Mission did a mission Haka.  Here they are performing it.  Sister Peo is right behind the last row of Elders in a dress with black and white triangles.  

The Missionary Haka which is called “Tiororangi” meaning the piercing cry from heaven.
   Here are the words and meaning (in Maori and English).    When I asked Sister Peo about hakas in general, here is what she said, "They are used to unify the members and intimidate everyone else. It is disrespectful to smile during a haka. Boys make their eyes big and stick out their tongues, girls make their eyes go wide and do a dramatic frown. We do it in pictures all the time so if i sent you a picture and we were doing that, that's what it is! It is called pukanah (spelled wrong! Sorry!)"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Here is a youtube link to 2 missionaries performing it for their families on Christmas Day, there is supposed to be a professional video coming out and I'll post that when I find it. 

New Zealand Christmas Day 2015
Preparing for the barbecue at a members house

 Skype photos of our Christmas Day 2015, Sista Peo's Boxing Day
Such a happy time!!

Sister Sogialofa posted this picture on facebook, my favorite surprise of today! Jan 2016
"Love her smile"

 Sister Tuimalatu posted this picture--Jan 2016

The new Trio, Sistas Taituuga, Ulu and Peo

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