Sunday, January 24, 2016

True Discipleship

Lo'u aiga,
Miracles miracles miracles.
I have had this obscure goal that I haven't really been able to find a decent description for revolving around being a missionary that can be trusted with miracles in the mission. This week I finally found the perfect description.
That is my goal. That is what I'm gunning for. That is what I eat sleep and breathe for. If I don't have anymore baptism for the rest of my mission, but I can look back and say "I was a true disciple of Christ" I will be ecstatic.
I have been fasting a lot this week, for my language, for our investigators, and for other things. Miracles are become much more frequent! We soft set Nese and committed her to pray for a date. We received revelation that her baptism will be on the 20th.. on Tuesday we will see what her revelation was! She also is taking with her family about her decision! Fun stuff! Also we are making progress With Nortia (who was supposed to be baptized with Caroline). She will be baptized on her dad's first day off in February.. hopefully we will also know that this week too! We have several other investigators we want to invite to be baptized this week too!
The work is going well! My language is... coming? LOL! I made a goal to learn 20 new words a day. I have been averaging about 40 ;) so that's exciting. And I am on track to finish le tusi a mamona on march 16th! I can read all 6 pages in half an hour now.
I hope everyone's week has been splendidly primely amazing! Heavenly Father loves you! Keep your hearts and hands clean! Look for miracles!
Alofa Tele Atu,
Sista Peo
Note from Delise, here are some things she wrote in a private email that I thought everyone would be interested in knowing:
"Sister Puaina is from American Samoa, so she is used to American products too. so I gave her one!! Lol!! Ulu is good.. she talks a lot so I don't teach as much as I used too ;) LOL! Oi!!! We got a letter and Puaina and me are both training Ulu... so that's exciting!! Taituuga goes home in May. We haven't gone on splits lately, my companions don't know the area well enough! Actually we went on splits with the kids in the MTC. Ours was from Vanuwatu (where Elder Sears served) and she said she knew him!! How cool is that? Her name was sister James!"
l to r:  Sisters Peo, Puaina and Ulu

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