Sunday, January 31, 2016

I know this is late! I'm sorry!

Lo'u Aiga,


We had a ward activity from 10-2 for our investigators to play volleyball and faamasani (get to know) the ward. But it was kind of a flop... Our investigators came! That part was good! But too many YSA came, and were playing too aggressively so our investigators wouldn't play... Sad face!!

GOOD NEWS!!! Nese is set for February the 14th!! YAY!!!! Yes, that is Valentines Day, no we didn't remember that when we set her ;) Also we have ward conference that day, and tons of activities that whole week building up to ward conference! So everyone is so excited to polish it all off with a baptism!! Yay!! But satan is throwing lots of trials in her way! So we are praying for her heaps!!

Vavau (have I told you about him?) was refered to us. A lady was paying tithing and said her husband wanted to talk to samoan missionaries, so Morgan Potoa told us and we went and visited. He has read the book of mormon and believes it true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet! WHAT?? He is a slam dunk! BUT! (theres always a but eh? ;)) he is living with his partner and can't get married until March because of his divorce. (this is feeling familiar, did I tell you this last week?) we taught him the restoration and they told us that they wanted his baptism in March to be a wedding baptism whaaaat? that will be awesome! Too bad I will probably be transferred :(

We had a conference with the Auckland Mission with D Todd Christofferson on Saturday! I got to see Sister Taituuga!!!! And Sister Howell!!!! (Sister Howell and I went to High School together! She is in the Auckland mission, Mandrin speaking!! I have learned heaps from that conference and have set new goals to help me progress! I'm excited to see how it goes!

umm what else?

 I dunno... its been hot as.... Hamilton had a heat wave so its been way hotter down there than up here but still! AND its been raining heaps! My hair has been very excited ;)

I think that's it by way of news. We had lots of progressing investigators this week, hopefully they stay progressing ;)

Love you all!! Miracles happen every day! Thank heavenly father for them!!
Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

 Curly hair, don't care!

 Sisters Peo and Howell (they went to High School together, Sis Howell is in the Auckland Mission and speaking Mandarin) met up at a conference with Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Sis Taituuga and Peo together again!!

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