Sunday, February 28, 2016

Short is the time, Long are my thoughts

Lo'u aiga,

No time today! I am so sorry!

I think everyone knows I was transferred... if not... Surprise!! I was transferred!!

My new area is literally right next to my old area!! I'm just a stake over! My new companion is Sister Lualua! I am so excited to serve with her!! This transfer is different since they changed the length of time in the MTC... it is an 8 week transfer not a 6 week transfer! Fun stuff!!

My new area is struggling but me and sister lualua are determined to smash it!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and love!! I know yous probably want to fasi (smack) me for not giving more details but my time is so short! I am so sorry! Next week!!

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

Sister Lualua, Sister Tuilimu (ward member), and me all wearing puletasi (samoan dress) Whoop whoop!!! that reminds me.. its been raining as over here and my hair has been ridiculous... Like... Ridiculous. We are talking little orphan Annie ridiculous.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Transfer week

Lo'u Aiga,
It's transfer week again! No clue about who is staying and who is going. But for those of you that are just tuning in, I am still in my first area and I have been here for 6 months now. So if missionaries were betters everyone would have their money on me leaving 😝
I dunno how I feel about that. But I will do whatever the Lord wants me to do. If He needs me somewhere else, I will go with my chin up! "I know the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men save he prepareth away for them to accomplish it" ;) (sorry if it's not word perfect quote)
Gese was confirmed yesterday! Which was interesting because we had the kay star singers (from Utah) sing songs about the Book of Mormon for our sacrament meeting. So there were 3 wards combined for this sacrament meeting!! Gese was scared as!! But all was well!!
Our week was busy with service! Love it! we helped people with lawns, and moving houses! I love doing service! You get filled with a great spirit and feel more love for everyone around you! (not to mention the fact that you get to wear sweats 😁)
Oh and Sister Frost came home! They threw a party for her! We took our investigators! It was so fun to see her! They had Drummers and dancers come and perform! It was seriously the coolest thing!! WHY AM I NOT SAMOAN???
Which reminds me, I am super tan right now!! But you will never know because every single picture I'm in I just look glaringly white! BAHAHA!!!

I love you all! Hope all is well! Remember to look for miracles every single day!
Alofa TELE atu,
Sista Peo
AHHH!!! I got my package mom!! Thank you for the watch and the book (it smells amazing)!!! Mitchell..... fia poko oe eh?
Thank you so much Grandpa Jeff, Marilyn and Megan for your cute card!! It made my day!!
This a picture of me drinking koko samoa from a Samoan flag mug!!

Additional stuff from a letter to Mom who had just sent her a package and asked her about zika outbreaks:

the box was like almost destryoyed when I got it, it was all bent and crazy looking but the tape held everything together nicely!! HAHAHA!! Yous need to stay healthy eh?? COOOOOOME ON!!!! 😝 Naw I stupidly left all of insect repellent in the MTC.... 😁 I'm not worried about mosquitos though! Just fleas! Man I went to somebodys house yesterday and left with like 20 bites!! What the heck?!?!?! but none were in my clothes so that's good! No fun food stories but someone did key our car yesterday!! Bahaha!! At least we got off better than the other sisters a couple transfers ago! Someone keyed "blood" onto their back windshield. LOL!!! perks of living in South Aukland 😎
I was goiing to take pictures, but Puaina told me not to because "South Aukland is not what New Zealand looks like" LOL!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Baptisms and Spirits

Lo'u aiga,
Happy Valentine's day for yous!!
Gese's baptism was yesterday!! It was awesome!! We were worried because it was announced in church to be at 5:30 not 5... *face palm* but HEAPS of members came!! We were so happy!!! when I say HEAPS I mean HEAPS  we printed out 40 programs and ran out 15 minutes before the baptism!!! Yesssssss!!
Gese was so happy! Her husband and her cousin came an supported her! She cried through the entire program! And held Sister Puaina's hand the entire time! She made me practice how to hold her hands for the baptism over and over and over. She is amazing. I am so honoured to help her receive the gospel. She will be an amazing servant of our Heavenly Father.

Something else interesting happened this week. Gese has a 2 year old son who always wakes up at 3 am. He wakes up, get out of the room and wanders around. One night this week they woke up and went outside to find him completely naked in the living room singing songs by himself. To me it sounded like an over active 2 year old, but it freaked her out. She called us later on in the morning crying asking if we could cast out spirits. We grabbed our Ward mission leader and went over there right away and he gave MJ a priesthood blessing. MJ has not woken up in the morning since then.

I asked Sister Puaina if MJ was possessed, and she said no, he just had a bad spirit inside of him. Interesting eh? The Samoan people have so much faith it is astounding!
Love you all so much!! Have a great week! Your Heavenly Father loves you! Thank him for the miracles he gives you!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo

Gese's baptism with Sisters Puaina, Ulu and Peo

Photos of their flat

Friday, February 12, 2016


Lo'u aiga,

Sa matou toe faia ta'aloga i le taeao. faamalie atu lava!!
(we did sports again this morning! Sorry!!)


Gese is getting baptized this Sunday!! Sweet as! So fun!! She is the man!! She's been having dreams about her anscestors, so we again talked about family history work and about the spirit world. She was crying as, we were crying as, everyone was crying as, eeee ay eeee ay oh! 😝
She can't wait to go to the temple! She asked us when she could start her family history work and we were like "oh what about right after your baptism?" and she was like "thats waaaay to far away!" (isn't she the greatest!! 😁😁😁😁😁) So we are going to try and work on it with our family history consultant on Wednesday!!

Between her and Vavau we have been booked lesson wise! It has been so fun!! We are nearing the end of our mission prep lesson with Mara L'io though! and that is so awesome! They are going to go get sealed in March!! eeeek!! I will probably be transferred by then though 😢

Yup! thats pretty much it for me! This week is crazy with the baptism, ward conference, and ward activities every day leading up to conference! We had Heaps of non members come to the games this morning! Our bishopric was very pleased with us!

Love you all so much!! Look for miracles every day!!! Heavenly Father gives you heaps!!
Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo