Monday, January 11, 2016

Malo soifua

Lo'u Aiga,

I feel like I just wrote you yesterday... Is it already Monday again? I don't see how that can be possible...

Anyways, it's transfer week this week and no one knows whats happening! We got an email saying that there will be no transfer meeting in Hamilton, so people being transferred will take the bus (rather than being driven by their companion to the meeting). Transferring missionaries will not be able to take their bikes or blankets on the bus with them  :'(  They will need to use the ones at the flat in their new area. .... Hopefully I'm not being transferred ;) Optimally that will never happen because all the Samoan wards are in South Auckland... 😝

Other than that I'm trying to think of new news to share... It seriously feels like I just wrote yesterday.

Our Relief Society 2nd counselor came with us this week, but since there are 3 of us we had to split up (its rude to go to house with 4 people). So I went with her and Sister Ulu and Sister Tai went together. That day it was POURING RAIN. And when I say pouring I mean POURING rain. SO I was thinking that Tai and ULU would be sopping wet because they were walking and we would stay dry because of the car. NOPE. ONLY 3 PEOPLE LET US IN ALL DAY!!! 7 hours!!!!! ONLY 3 PEOPLE!!! We were drenched! One of our less active members gave us towels to sit on in the car (Mara... bless her!!)!! So we go pick up the other two and they are DRY AS!!!!! YOU ARE JOKING!!! Everyone except 3 people let them in!! What the heck!! LOL!!!! 

We got a new investigator! We were contacting a referral and Sister Taituuga and I turn around and a house jumps out to us! She points at it and says we need to go to that one! We were halfway across the street before Ulu noticed what was happening! LOL!  Her name is Mercy! She is way cool! We had a SUPER long first lesson where she agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about its truthfulness. She told us to come back Sunday  night because all of her cousins we be over and they would want to talk to us. So we went last night With Vaai (YSA who always comes with us) (Its Vaai's birthday today... Happy birthday Vaai), her cousins talked to us and asked us tons of questions but have a firm belief in their own faith. One of the questions they asked was why was Joseph Smith so special that he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when the other prophets weren't able to see them? The closest prophet was Moses. Interesting question! And he also asked how Joseph Smith was able to see God when in the bible it says that no man can see God. That makes it seem like they were bible bashing... They weren't! They were just curious on our views. They invited us back next weekend to discuss it more!

Wow. That was a long one! Sorry about that! I love you all! Heavenly Father loves you the most! Look for miracles! 
Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

It was raining so please excuse my crazy hair... No amount of hairspray can tame the mane 🐯(there's not a lion emoji...)

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