Sunday, May 22, 2016

Le Faleese o ma'ua

Lo'u aiga,


She was baptized with a little boy in our ward so she watched him be baptised right before her. She was so nervous she said "nah nah I can't do it!!" And Lualua just turned around and said "you're going to hug me and then you're going to go" BAHAHA!!! She hugged Sister Lualua and then Elder Patea baptized her!! It was awesome!!! She got the Holy Ghost yesterday and took the sacrament!! It was so exciting as!!! 

I was thinking about the special spirit baptisms have this week. The only thing I can compare it with is the spirit I feel when I am in the temple! Then I had a realization!! In the temple you perform (oh no, please help me I cant remember the word, promises with Heavenly Father... HELP HELP HELP) Ordinances... covenants, and baptism is the first covenant you make with Heavenly Father so it makes sense that it has that same special spirit as the temple!!
That was the really exciting thing that happened this week!! That's the only thing that really fills my mind to tell you about...

Sorry, I'm trying to look back on my pictures to see what else happened this week and it looks like there's a virus on my card... ugg... these computers are terrible eh??

Oh!! Steven (investigator) and Geoffery (less active) came to the baptism and to church on Sunday!! That was really great!! Steven accepted the invitation to be baptized but we have some work to do before he has his baptism!!

What else? I'm on my 5th sty in my eye... They always show up in my left eye... this one doesn't hurt, it's just itchy as, so that's fun.

When I got into this flat our toilet seat was broken in half so you had to be careful how you sat on it. A few weeks ago sister Lualua broke it into thirds... A few nights ago it gave up and just shattered... so we had to go find a place that sold toilet seat today.... that was awkward!! BAHAHAHA!!!

Love you all so much!! Thank you for your love and prayers!! They are definitely needed and felt!!!! I didn't plan my time very well today so if I don't email you back, I am so sorry but know I love you!!

Alofa tele atu!!

Sista Peo

Sunday, May 15, 2016

ua ou galo mea uma

Lo'u aiga,

I just forgot everything. (That's the title.)
Smooth. I really did just forget what happened this week.

OH! I remember a funny story!! The Elder's baptism was on saturday!! The bishop said he'd fill the font!! He showed up 5 min before the start time of the baptism and couldn't find the key to turn on the water!! OH SOLE!!!! So the Zone leaders called another bishop and he came and saved us!! The baptism eventually started at 6 instead of 5. Lualua and I will call the Zone Leaders to fill the font for Julia this Saturday!! LOL!!!

Lualua and I did the missionary presentation at the Elder's baptism... It was good until I tried to do a paper activity about the Book of Mormon... The tape I brought wouldn't hold up the pieces of paper so everything just fell apart!! BAHAHA!! Oops!! All goods! repent and move on right? ;)

There is a family who lives in our area but goes to the other Samoan ward. This is going to be confusing I'm so sorry! Other sisters referred them to us because they are living with non members. We went and visited and the non members aren't interested yet, which is all goods!! But the daughter keeps wanting to come out proselytizing with us which is great since no one in our ward wants to!! Then we discovered that they are related to one of our family investigators!!! SO we did fhe with them all last night and taught the plan of salvation and played the snoring game!! So that cool!!

Ya that is pretty much it!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I love you so much and Heavenly Father loves you even more!! Look for miracles!!! Manuia lou vaiaso!!

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

Here's a pic of Julia again!!

Peo and Lualua

Pictures from last transfer when Sis Taituuga (trainer) finished her mission last transfer (April 2016):
  Peo, Taituuga and Lualua

 Taituuga and Peo

 Taituuga getting on her plane (haka face)  :(


Sunday, May 8, 2016


 Sister Peo's testimony in Samoan

Description of the fo fo treatment for her eye

Lo'u aiga,

..... Pu'upu'u means short...
describing the length of this email!!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julia's baptismal service is going to be on the 21st not the 14th I think.... she couldn't come to church  yesterday (Mom edit: investigators have to  be at church 3 times before they are eligible to be baptized)!! Bummer!!!
Not much other news... leaves are falling!!! Not nearly as colorful as in the states though!!!!
Here's a picture of the THIRD STY!!!!!! Man, I need to stop rubbing my eyes eh??

I know The Book of Mormon is true and can give us direct personal revelation every single day if we study it prayerfully!!! That was random but I felt like I needed to add it!!

Love you all so much!!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo

Sunday, May 1, 2016

faamanuiaga (benefits)

Lo'u Aiga!! (family/loved ones)

Yesterday Julia's baby was blessed in sacrament meeting!! Here are some pictures!!! Sister Taotua (lady in our ward) bought the dress and everything for her baby how nice is that??? 

And a family in our ward brought their friend to church!! So we went to their house afterwards and begin teaching and will go back and teach him lesson one later this week!! A lady got up and bore her testimony in aualofa (relief society) and the lady I was sitting next to nudged me hard and told me she wasn't a member!!! so while Sister Lualua was playing the piano and as everyone was leaving I ran over, introduced myself and asked if we could visit her this week!! YAY!!!

We have had some complications with Julia's baptism... She didn't tell her parents... So her and Lualua talked to them about it last night (I sat there and tried to keep up). They said they didn't want her to get baptized and if she did, she was no longer welcome in their home. hmmm. As you can imagine it was a rough night last night. We are going to go spend p-day with Julia... watch the long restoration, eat french fries and kopai and decide what to do. Her parents want to talk to us (and by us, I mean LuaLua) again tonight... so hopefully their hearts will be softened!! I am not worried. I know this is all part of Heavenly Father's plan and He will take care of everything.. Whether that means Julia lives somewhere else, or she isn't baptized yet, it's all part of the plan!

Have a great week everyone!! Love you all so much thank you for your emails and love and prayers!!!! Look for miracles and pray for missionary moments!!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo
PS (from Mom) last week right before she finished emailing, she said I'll send you pictures of my eye next week and then was is a picture story of her eye problems from last week.

Sore sty in her eye.  Got some medicine and that didn't work...

So...she went and had a Samoan fofo...when I asked what that was, she said is a type of Samoan healing, sometimes a massage but they didn't touched her eye, she took a video but it is too big to send home, we will have to wait to see it until February.

After the fofo...looks better at least!  Poor girl, said she couldn't even wear her glasses it was so sore.
Then this morning (May 2nd for her) she woke up with this...

"Here's the rash I woke up with this morning.... isn't that annoying.... Sister Rudd made me go to the doctor... they said it was an allergic reaction to something... to what?  my deodorant???"