Sunday, December 18, 2016

Koekiki Kirismasi

Lo'u aiga peleina,
It's almost Christmas!!!
We have still been doing lots of finding with the Light the World pass a long cards but everyone just gets busier and busier in this Christmas season and that always makes things tricky!! It's like Satan know this time of the year everyone is more spiritually awake, so he tries to combat that by make everyone busy, busy, busy!!! :)
We had a service project on Saturday that was.... awesome? scary?
Elder Van Theil called and asked if we could come join them for his service project (Saturday) and said that it would probably be from 8-12 and they needed as much help as possible, we were just cleaning a house. We thought that sounded good!!
Saturday was the day we all decided last week would be the day for our zone car fast- we all go 24 hours without using our cars. So naturally we biked there!! HALF WAY to the service project the zone leader drives by in their car..... we got there and EVERY SINGLE COMPANIONSHIP in our zone drove their car. BAHAHA!!!! Sister Seiuli was so mad at me!!! It was crack up as!!! Obedience points!!!!
Okay so the service itself.... There was HEAPS of stuff in this house!!!.... There were boxes of stuff piled up to the ceiling. We made a line and just passed everything outside so the family could sort through it and we could clean the rooms. We were only going to do 3 rooms that day Bathroom, Toilet (toilet is a separate room in almost all New Zealand houses), and the kitchen. So as soon as one room was cleared of stuff people would jump in and clean it.... I was in charge of the toilet and I spent the whole 4 hours in there... "when ye are in the service of your fellow men ye are only in the service of your God" ;)
That is mainly what happened this week!!!~ I hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas!!! Look for miracles in this beautiful season!! Love you all so much!!

Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo

We wore our Samoan dresses to church yesterday :)
Sorry no pictures of the service!!! :(

Photos from Sisters Ulu and Taugaele (exchanges):
 Kopai from Sis Taugaele

Pictures with Sis Ulu

Sunday, December 11, 2016

That awkward moment when you almost forget to write the big email...

Note from Mom: Alley comes home on Feb 7th and her homecoming talk is on Feb 12th at 11am in the church near the Draper Temple.  I know she would love to see any of you who are able to come hear her speak about her mission experiences. Thank you all for your support and love to Alley and also her family!  We are blessed and you are appreciated beyond measure!

Lo'u Aiga peleina,

Busy as week!!!!
We did exchanges with Sister Ulu and Sister Taugaele!!! This time I was with Sister Taugaele in Manurewa 1st!! Members were very excited to see us so that was fun!! I also got to see Beverly and Napolean for a minute and we visited Povalu, an old investigator!!! Taua has been reset for baptism on Christmas Day, hopefully her paper will come through! But exciting things are happening in that area!!

We also did exchanges with Sister Moli and Sister Sheerer!!! Sister Sheerer came with me into Alema!! She is doing a great job with the language!! She has a very solid foundation and is keeping a little notebook of words every time she doesn't understand!! She will catch Samoan really fast with all her hard work!!

Mariah is MOVING TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooo! She leaves on Wednesday!! But she is doing good!! She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying but she says she isn't getting an answer. But she said the reason she's not getting her answer is because she is too worried about moving... there ya go! She answered her own concern!! I think it will be good for her to go there... the Lord will send missionaries to her because she is ready for them!!!

Other exciting news: VAVAU and UAINA recieved Uaina's divorce paper!!!! SO THEY CAN GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO VAVAU CAN GET BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seriously been working with them for almost a year now!!!! We just found out yesterday so hopefully we can get everything all sorted out this week!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

I love you all so much!!! I loved the talks from the Christmas devotional.. especially elder Holmes's talk about how ridiculous it would be if we were to look at our Christmas presents and excitedly talk about them but never end up opening them... and how we do that sometimes with the gifts our Heavenly Father gives us!!! I love the light the world program this Christmastime because it helps me recognize gifts that I have been given, that way I can open them this Christmas Season!!!!

Alofa tele atu!!!!
Sista Peo

Other fun things:

We rode bikes a lot this week~!!

Sister Seiuli flooded the laundry room at like 10pm last night and then took pictures of me cleaning it up hahah!!! Thant punk!!! ;)
 Soa Seuili and Peo

 Sisters Peo and Taugaele

 Sisters Peo and Taugaele

 Sisters Peo and Seuili

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sa ou maua musmusuga mai le agaga pa'ia

Lo'u aiga peleina,

This week was mean as!!!!!
The Light the World program is so awesome!!! Even people that would normally slam the door on us after they saw our pins gave us a minute or two to share about it!! So many blessings!!!!

One mean as experience we had this week:
We pulled up to this neighborhood called Ratavine, and we both got this really strong prompting that while the plan we had was good to work in this area, we would have just as much success tomorrow working this area as we would today. BUT SOMEWHERE THERE WAS SOMEONE THAT WE COULD ONLY TOUCH RIGHT THEN. So we turned off the car and prayed, asking who we need to go see.... We both felt soooo good. But there wasn't a person associated with that good feeling!! BAHAHA!! Funny how the spirit works eh! It's like Heavenly Father is saying- I gave you a brain, I gave you the ability to choose, now use it!!! So we started listing EVERYONE we knew... for every single one we listed we felt like it wasn't right. We were dying trying to figure out who it was!! Finally Sister Seiuli said, "Mariah", and as soon as she said her name, we both had peace wash over us. We immediately left to go to Mariah. We had good reason to think that she moved to Australlia and was no longer in the country, and as we were driving to her house we were reminded of some other things we also needed to get done. We saw members driving to our church building who'd be able to help us with those things. We pulled over to pray and ask if we still needed to go to Mariah or needed to change our course and accomplish the other things. We were forcibly reminded of Martin Harris and how he asked the Lord 3 times to take the copy of the BOM with him.... needless to say we did not ask again, we went to Mariah. She was home!! We had a mean as lesson with her where we read 2 Nephi chapter 31 and talked about repentance!! What a miracle!!! 

President Cummings said in one of his trainings- when ever you have a prompting, no matter how small, even if it's so small you're not even sure if its an actual prompting, just follow it!!

In other words a prompting is a prompting no matter how small! They should just make a new spin off musical called "Horton has a prompting" (instead of Horton hears a who)... did I draw a picture of Horton holding a flower in my journal that night... yes, yes I did!!!

That is my commitment for all of yous this week!!! Follow EVERY PROMPTING!!!!! NO MATTER HOW SMALL!!!! You might have the best plan you have ever come up with ever for your day... but I promise that the Lord has a better one for you. You can have it your way, or you can have it the Lord's... The Lord's has much more lasting and satisfying results... just saying ;)

I love you all!! I'm glad everyone had a good week!! Thank you so much for my Christmas tree of hands!!! It made me so happy!!!!!! Also thank you so much MaiMaids for your cute cards!! I got them this week!!! And the Brannelly's Christmas card!!! and Gramma Christie's two cards!!! Thank you so much for all of your love and prayers!!! They are dearly felt!!

Alofa tele atu!!!
Manuia le vaiaso!!
Sista Peo

 We are lucky we had a wall massive enough for that tree eh??

 Mariah's drawing for our lesson on repentance... when we put a lighter under the paper all of the sins burn off and only Good Peo and a happy stick figure remain :)

Aww and someone took us to a buffet restaurant... I only ate watermelon...THEY RAN OUT OF IT!!! BAHAHAHAH!!!!

P-Day shopping adventures, we came for a basketball!