Monday, August 8, 2016

Papatisoga a Tausili

Lo'u Aiga,
Tausili was baptized on Saturday, received the holy ghost and the priesthood on Sunday!!! It was so amazing!! I couldn't have been happier... well actually if our building was warmer I would've been a little happier ;) it was wicked cold in there!!! We had the water piping hot but Tausili said by the time he got to it an hour later it was freezing!! Poor guy... 😅
It was 0 degrees this morning when we tried to wash the car... That was fun!! We used the water to melt all of the frosty ice of the car!! New Zealanders are kinda of panicking abut how cold it is right now!! BAHAHA!!!
We found out on Sunday that Taua can't be baptized on the 20th.. They waited to long to pay a fine for the divorce papers... they are planning to pay it on Thursday and then they can't get married for 28 days... *headaches*.. hopefully we will re-set her this week and get her another date. She came to church but I didn't count her as progressing AGAIN last week... hopefully this week will be better!!
My Soa invited another new investigator of ours to be baptized! His name is Iona (which mean Jonah)! He accepted but is concerned that he has word of wisdom problems!! Oh man I almost started crying right there, I was so happy!! Someone that knew their inadequacies but wants to change!! I told him not to worry, we were going to help him build his faith and when the time comes to stop those things he can use his faith and the Lord will help him!!
We have another new investigator who also seems pretty keen! She ran away from Sister Puaina and I a few months ago, but seems open to us now! They came to our missionary class on Sunday and said she'd like to join the church some day... My thoughts: "yup no worries! we got you covered!" Her name is Tilomai. AND Maria always come to church, her uncle is the ward secretary, and she told us she loves the way it makes her feel but she "wants to figure it out" for herself first before she has lessons... BAHAHA She will be baptized one day I can feel it! Just in her own time!
Basically this area is on the verge of another baptism even though we don't have anyone set right now! It makes me so happy!! :)
Hope everyone is doing well this week!! Love you all lots!!
Alofa tele atu!
Sista Peo

Oh the other picture... I thought I'd be a really cool trainer and that we'd do our 12 week training (for new missionaries) by the beach!! FAIL!!!! My poor Samoan was freezing to death and there was a GIANT DEAD CAT that someone put by the trashcan!! LOL... only in south Auckland!!!

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