Monday, August 15, 2016


Lo'u aiga!!
I SAW NORTIA THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! Nortia is the one who was baptized the week after I got transferred out of Alema!!!! SO fun!!!! She was walking home from school (her school is in our area)!! I love her so much!!!
Taua is progressing again!!! We don't have a date for her baptism but the goal is that the week she gets the okay for the wedding, she will get baptized that Saturday! Did that make sense? My english is going down..
Our lesson with Tilomai as awesome as!!! We have another one tonight where we will teach her plan of salvation!!
We had 4 progressing investigators this week!! Hopefully we will have 2 set for baptism before I email you again... hopefully!!!
Our flat is leaking... that is fun.... There is a leak somewhere and it is slowly making us fall through the floor!! BAHAHA!!! Poor Elder Templeton is sick of our flat!! Our property manager is over seas right now for two weeks... BAHAHA!!!
I'm trying to think of something else to tell yous...
We have a missionary activity!! The first one this ward has had in nearly a year! It will be on the 10th and 11th of September! We are getting the ward back in the swing of missionary work! So much progress and so many miracles!! It makes me so happy 😄
We are working hard, trying to get a bigger teaching pool.. Not heaps of success but I know as we continue to be obedient and work hard the Lord will bless us!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo
What is a missionary's favourite car? ~a convertible
Why did the Mormons cross the road? ~ to do the missionary work for the people on the other side!!
BAHAHAH!!! Courtesy of Sister Hazelet my sister training leader!!
Me and Nortia (Nortia is 10)

Me and Ka (Tausili's sister) (she is 14)

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