Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another week gone but it seems like no time has passed!!!

Lo'u aiga,

This last week was pretty challenging because EVERYONE kept cancelling appointments!! It was driving us bonkers!!! The only one who didn't cancel was Tilomai so thank heavens for her!!!

Tilomai is going to be baptized on the 17th of September!!! She only has one more lesson left: Tithing and fast offerings!! We left her a huge chapter to read before our next lesson the next day and she read the whole thing!! I love her so much! She is always willing to do everything we ask her to do!! She is a little worried about her baptism... She is really tall (probably 6'0" or 6'1") and is convinced she is going to hit her head on the wall of the baptismal font (our font is really small). So I have a funny picture of her measuring herself to see if she would fit in the baptismal font or not!!

We just finished (like an hour ago) teaching plan of salvation to Iona!! He is going to pray for a date to get baptized and we have a return appointment tomorrow where we will set a date for him!! That is so exciting too!! 

Taua is avoiding us now, I think... I say I think because she isn't very good at it if that is what she is trying to do. We don't really know what to do for her anymore... so we are praying about it... If she tries to give us the slip again, we will just give her a little bit of space for a while and see if that changes anything.. 😢

In other news:

Sister Hazelet cut my hair for me last week!! I took a picture of how long it was but I forgot to take a picture of how short it is now... LOL one job!!! It is just below my shoulders!

Tausili blessed the sacrament on Sunday!!

We went on exchanges with the missionaries in the mtc on Wednesdy!! That was really fun!! We door knocked the entire time!! Sister Vea was my companion! She is going to Australlia, her mission comes from Tonga!

This week I was trying to study a talk by Elder Bednar and I honestly couldn't understand what was happening... I had to use an English pocket dictionary.... how embarrassing is that? My Samoan isn't even good and my English is gone!!!

We only had 2 people in our missionary class on Sunday- Tausili and Sister Galu (Relief Society 1st Counselor)

I think that's everything... OH! and we ate kopai at the Leapai's house this week!!!

Ia!!! Love you all so much!!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo

 Pre Hair Cut

 Peo and Vea

 Peo, Taugaele, Tausili and Vea

Tilomai measuring herself to see if she fits in the font.

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