Sunday, July 24, 2016


Lo'u aiga,
Oh man this week was the best!!!

I don't really remember all the details... everything that happens in the week goes into a blender and gets all mixed up inside my head until I'm not sure when things happened... but I'm vaguely certain they happened this week.. 😅
We have two baptisms set for August!!!
Taua- We taught her the law of chastity this week and then she still want to get married to her partner after her baptism... so that was a fun conversation!! But all goods we sorted that out and now she's on track again! We are just waiting for her partner's divorce paper to go through so that they can get married BEFORE her baptism on the 20th!! BAHAHA!!
Tausili- he is the man! He is 18 and he is basically a member already. His family adopted him from Samoa and he comes to church and activities regularly. He just got back from a .. kafau.. sorry!.. in Samoa so that's why he wasn't baptized before now! So his baptism is on the 6th!
We had interviews with President which was nice! It was nice to have the opportunity to talk to him! He gave me some advice on my area -talk to ward mission leader and bishop about ward mission plan- in order to help us out some more and then we closed with a prayer where he thanked Heavenly Father for my diligent hard work and obedience... which touched my heart that he knew that about me, even though we only talked for a few minutes.
We went and did what President suggested and after talking to Bishop, we were invited to ward council on Sunday!! The first time in over 9 months for missionaries to be allowed to go!!!
In the council they emphasized the ward mission plan and pushed the work!! I was so happy!! And then Members of the ward have been working hard on giving us referrals!! Most of them are out of area.. but I am thrilled we are getting them!!! We are working on having people invite them to their house so we can meet with them!
The working is good... filling the whole day is hard because we only have 2 investigators... so we are door knocking... *sigh... hopefully it won't be for too long and then the referrals will help us out!!
My new companion is the best!!!! I love her so much!!! The second she got in this area, miracles started happening!!!!! SO awesome!!!

This morning I got a powerful reminder of how much Heavenly Father loves us! During my personal study this morning I had a question I was trying to answer for myself... nothing important or faith shaking... just something I didn't fully understand. I read a scripture that I knew had the answer for my question, but I didn't understand it. So I prayed and asked for help to understand the answer to my question. Immediately I tried to read the scripture again... And my eyes of understanding were opened and I understood the scripture and the answer to my question. I think Heavenly Father is dying to help us... dying to bless us... but he can't unless we humble ourselves and allow him to do so.
Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Love you all so much!!!
Have a great week!!!
Alofa tele atu!!1
Sista Peo
we saw a double rainbow this week

 a member made us orange skirts for a ward activity.... I was SOOOO excited!!!

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