Monday, July 18, 2016

Lo'u Aiga

Lo'u Aiga,

Man this week was crazy as!!
I was the official driver for practically everything (but not the airport! SO thank heavens for that! otherwise I would've used WAAAAAY more K's and I have already used heaps!!)
We were covering 3 areas for a while (they stuck all the sisters who were alone in our zone together) So I taught in English lots... and also had to teach Taua this week by myself in Samoan! But it went well and the spirit was strong so that's all we need eh!!
I got my new companion on Thursday!!
Sister Taugaele!!! She is from Samoa!! She is awesome! I am pretty sure she is the tallest companion I've had so far (besides Sister Corrigan of course 😝) in my mission!!
The ward is really opening up, trusting us which is so awesome!! We had trade offs Saturday morning and we were met with great success!! Also we got 2 really good referrals from some of our members and upcoming lessons with them this week! I think we got three new investigators this week!! What a relief because we are hurting for investigators!!!
I want to start biking this week but my companion doesn't seem too keen... so we will see if I can talk her into it or not! But I have got her into running every morning with me which is nice.. we don't go for very long but its nice of her to do it with me :)
I had to go back to the hospital this week for one of my boils in my armpit... It got bigger from the antibiotic... So the doctor/bishop cut it open and squished all the pus out! The nurse asked if I wanted to record it (because I mentioned how my mom loves watching stuff like this) and I told her no thank you... So sorry I declined that great opportunity for all of you 😁 Now I just have to keep changing the bandages every day!! They are all just little red dots now!! Yay!!
What else?
President gave us permission to eat lunch with the Atwoods so that was fun meeting up with Aunty Ann, Uncle Warner, Mike, Hoana and their new little baby!!!
I can't remember if I mention but I got Grandpa Jeff's letter and the CA Peo's package on my birthday in America!! So that was so fun!!! Thank you!


Our zone is almost completely different... they only kept enough people here to lead the areas!! So it will be fun getting to know everyone!!

We have interviews with President tomorrow!! Which I am so excited for!!

Ya I think that's pretty much it....

I love you all so much!!!!
I hope everyone's lives are hard and faith is strong!!! That's the only way we can improve and become more Christ like!! Love yous all!!!

Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo

 Sistas Lualua, Chang, Peo and Taugaele

 Auntie Ann, Sista Peo, Sista Taugaele, Uncle Warner

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