Sunday, July 10, 2016

Manuai lo'u'aso fanau (from July 4th)

Lo'u aiga,

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!

I painted some jumpers for me and my companion that we are going to wear and take pictures at the beach, so yous will get pictures of that next week probably!!! Then we are going to go have a zone basketball game I think!!! Yay!!! My zone leaders and my sister training leader called me and sang happy birthday to me which is impressive because I didn't tell anyone when my birthday was.... someone in my companionship must be leaking information... PUAINA!!!! 😝 All goods... she made me breakfast this morning!!

The baptism was awesome!!! It started island time- 20 minutes late- and had heaps of food afterwards!!! The zone leaders were muttering to each other about how grateful they were for not being in the Samoan program after our members forced us all to get seconds!! LOL!!! 

I finished read the Matthew Cowley book this week!! That was really fun!! In one of his talks he spoke about how he had boils for 7 months of his mission... The very next day I started to get a boil on my side!! Now I have two on my left side and they are HUGE!!! I am really sad I can no longer sleep on that side... but all goods!!! I also have a big lump under my arm (in my armpit but that sounds so gross so I didn't want to say that but there you go) that is also kinda painful!! for a few days I think I probably looked like a duck.. walking around with my arms slightly up so they weren't touching my sides!!! BAHAHAH!!!! My companion told me if they get any worse she is taking me to the doctor... I told her no... We will talk to Sister Cummings tomorrow!!

Which reminds me we are meeting The Cummings tomorrow!!!! So exciting!!! We talked to Sister Cummings on the phone a few days ago and she sure sounded really nice!! I'm excited to meet them!!!

I think that's pretty much it.... 
I love you all so much!!!!!
Thank you for the birthday wishes and presents!! I really appreciate it!!!
Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

Pictures to show mom that everything she sent me fit! Thank you so much!!! and the cup a cupa cupa is delicious thanks!!!
 Sister Peo, Silivelia and Sis Puaina
Birthday Girl and her gifts

 Fish for dinner!

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