Monday, June 27, 2016

ou te le mana'o tusia lenei imaili

lo'u aiga...

I don't want to write this email...

I don't have much to say...

Sister Puaina sprained her jaw (in basketball.... someone hit her.... we were having a zone basketball game..) last p-day and it swelled up really big... so we weren't able to work hardly at all this week. It keeps giving her these killer headaches... I'm worried about her but the doctor doesn't care... BAHAHA!!! 😝

So I've been cooped up all week. I wanted to die. But I've had lots of really good studies!!

Due to being cooped up I've noticed that we are loosing our war against the mogamoga (cockroaches). They are definitely taking over our flat. Probably because it is warm inside and we seem to have more holes in our flat than actual walls.. LOL!! not really... but kind of!! BAHAHA!!! I think they are basically another plague of many have I had? 1) fleas, 2) Maggots,
3) styes 4) Mogamoga.... just 4? dang... 3 more to go!! (there were 7 plagues of Egypt right??)

Silivelia Is ready for her baptism on the 2nd... Saturday!!!! That has been crazy trying to work out how to do the baptism in a different ward... yikes!! Bishop Taupau (from Manurewa 2nd) has to come and translate for Silivelia in the interview for her baptism on Wednesday!!

It has been raining cats and dogs this week!!! It has been crazy as!!

What else? everyone keeps making me kopai... its's my favorite Samoan food (made from koko samoa, coconut cream, flour, water and sugar).

Hopefully next weeks letter will be more interesting!!

Love you all so much!!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo

 Sistas Freddie, Puaina, and Peo


 Sistas LuaLua, Ete, Puaina, and Peo

 Sista Peo and Puaina

 Sista Peo and Puaina

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