Sunday, June 5, 2016

"lack of planning on your part doesn't constitute as an emergency on my part"

Lo'u aiga,

Oh man thanks for all the emails today!! I got heaps eh!!!!
I got so distracted reading all of them that I only have 10 minutes to write my big letter home!! Okaoka!! Thus the quote above... it's something Sister Ritter my AP English teacher would always say... BAHAHAHA!!!

So I am with Sister Puaina now in Manurewa 1st... I just crossed the street again... That's all I ever do eh?? BAHAHA!!! The question is will I end my mission here or will I get transferred one more time?? If I get transferred again (which I think I will... I have a lot of transfers left) I will probably have to go to the English program because I have served in ALL of the Samoan wards open to sisters... *round of applause for me*!!

They closed down Manurewa 2nd for missionaries! Elders went down to Hamilton...
Sister Lualua went to Alema so I sent her with lots of cards for my previous investigators and friends in that ward!!! She will love that area!!! It was hard saying goodbye to Sister Lualua!!

Sister Puaina came and stayed with us last Monday (her companion finished so they just gave her to us until transfers)  and Sister Lualua left on Thursday... It was hard saying goodbye to our investigators... especially Steven, Geoff and Mags... 

Sister Puaina and I have had a good week!!  We have mostly been cleaning... The "new flat" is disgusting... and her companion that just left, left heaps of her stuff behind. So we've been cleaning that flat and my old flat because no one is going to use it for a while... 

Our new flat has heaps of baby cockroaches in it... That's a new one... never have had that problem before... I've been to plenty of houses with lots of cockroaches (they crawl up your legs and make you panic all the time.). but I've never had them in our flat before... we are going to bomb our flat...

But otherwise the week has been good!! We have lots of potential in this area so I'm excited!! And the ward is very eager to help us!!! 


ALofa atu,
Sista Peo

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