Sunday, May 1, 2016

faamanuiaga (benefits)

Lo'u Aiga!! (family/loved ones)

Yesterday Julia's baby was blessed in sacrament meeting!! Here are some pictures!!! Sister Taotua (lady in our ward) bought the dress and everything for her baby how nice is that??? 

And a family in our ward brought their friend to church!! So we went to their house afterwards and begin teaching and will go back and teach him lesson one later this week!! A lady got up and bore her testimony in aualofa (relief society) and the lady I was sitting next to nudged me hard and told me she wasn't a member!!! so while Sister Lualua was playing the piano and as everyone was leaving I ran over, introduced myself and asked if we could visit her this week!! YAY!!!

We have had some complications with Julia's baptism... She didn't tell her parents... So her and Lualua talked to them about it last night (I sat there and tried to keep up). They said they didn't want her to get baptized and if she did, she was no longer welcome in their home. hmmm. As you can imagine it was a rough night last night. We are going to go spend p-day with Julia... watch the long restoration, eat french fries and kopai and decide what to do. Her parents want to talk to us (and by us, I mean LuaLua) again tonight... so hopefully their hearts will be softened!! I am not worried. I know this is all part of Heavenly Father's plan and He will take care of everything.. Whether that means Julia lives somewhere else, or she isn't baptized yet, it's all part of the plan!

Have a great week everyone!! Love you all so much thank you for your emails and love and prayers!!!! Look for miracles and pray for missionary moments!!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo
PS (from Mom) last week right before she finished emailing, she said I'll send you pictures of my eye next week and then was is a picture story of her eye problems from last week.

Sore sty in her eye.  Got some medicine and that didn't work...

So...she went and had a Samoan fofo...when I asked what that was, she said is a type of Samoan healing, sometimes a massage but they didn't touched her eye, she took a video but it is too big to send home, we will have to wait to see it until February.

After the fofo...looks better at least!  Poor girl, said she couldn't even wear her glasses it was so sore.
Then this morning (May 2nd for her) she woke up with this...

"Here's the rash I woke up with this morning.... isn't that annoying.... Sister Rudd made me go to the doctor... they said it was an allergic reaction to something... to what?  my deodorant???"

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