Monday, April 25, 2016

Today will be interesting

Lo'u aiga,

Faafetai i ke atua mo lenei avenoa mo imaili!! 

This is going to be fun... its a national holiday so everything is closed except the hospital and airport, so we received permission to email at a members house.. so here we are at Kalala Chan's house... I let my soa use the computer and I'm using her tablet... so if my English is worse than usual we are just going to blame it on the tablet eh? 😉 

This week has been... interesting.

Sister Taituuga (my trainer) finished her mission and flew back to Samoa on Wednesday!! But she got to stay with us Tuesday night and we drove her to the airport on Wednesday afternoon!!! I don't know if yous know this but I LOVE SISTER TAITUUGA!!!! I HAD THE BEST TRAINER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!! It was so nice to see her again and hug her and hear her voice!!! Not only that but she served in this area before she came to train me so she was able to give me and LuaLua some advice about the area! 

Sister LuaLua and I are both staying in Manuwera 2nd ward (much to LuaLua's dismay! She wants to go back to the English program) which I am very happy about!! 

Julia is doing well!! She came to church yesterday!! She is very excited for her baptism on 14th of May and we are going to try and get her to come to FHE with the Tuilimu Aiga tonight (shes busy today because of the holiday but we are trying). 

We are still struggling a lot in this area.... how badly do we need a miracle on a scale of one to ten..... 100000000000000000000000000000 

But we are pushing forward with faith!! The Lord put us here for a reason!! He knows his people and he knows what we need to do to help them!! All we have to do is have faith and stay worthy to receive that revelation!! 

I hope everyone is doing well!! Thank you so much for your love and prayers!!! They are very much needed and appreciated!! Sorry for the lack of pictures. ... I'm on a tablet...

Alofa tele atu,,,
Sista Peo

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