Sunday, May 15, 2016

ua ou galo mea uma

Lo'u aiga,

I just forgot everything. (That's the title.)
Smooth. I really did just forget what happened this week.

OH! I remember a funny story!! The Elder's baptism was on saturday!! The bishop said he'd fill the font!! He showed up 5 min before the start time of the baptism and couldn't find the key to turn on the water!! OH SOLE!!!! So the Zone leaders called another bishop and he came and saved us!! The baptism eventually started at 6 instead of 5. Lualua and I will call the Zone Leaders to fill the font for Julia this Saturday!! LOL!!!

Lualua and I did the missionary presentation at the Elder's baptism... It was good until I tried to do a paper activity about the Book of Mormon... The tape I brought wouldn't hold up the pieces of paper so everything just fell apart!! BAHAHA!! Oops!! All goods! repent and move on right? ;)

There is a family who lives in our area but goes to the other Samoan ward. This is going to be confusing I'm so sorry! Other sisters referred them to us because they are living with non members. We went and visited and the non members aren't interested yet, which is all goods!! But the daughter keeps wanting to come out proselytizing with us which is great since no one in our ward wants to!! Then we discovered that they are related to one of our family investigators!!! SO we did fhe with them all last night and taught the plan of salvation and played the snoring game!! So that cool!!

Ya that is pretty much it!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I love you so much and Heavenly Father loves you even more!! Look for miracles!!! Manuia lou vaiaso!!

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

Here's a pic of Julia again!!

Peo and Lualua

Pictures from last transfer when Sis Taituuga (trainer) finished her mission last transfer (April 2016):
  Peo, Taituuga and Lualua

 Taituuga and Peo

 Taituuga getting on her plane (haka face)  :(


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