Sunday, April 10, 2016

Seki ah le konofesi!!!

O a mai lou vaiaso?
Wasn't conference the greatest?

I went in asking 4 questions and all of them were answered in the Saturday morning session! So sweet! I even thought of a fifth one half way through the Saturday morning session, and then the whole last talk answered it! Heavenly Father must love me or something eh?

Steven came to Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, I think 10 am was too early on the weekend for him... Which is a bummer because he missed the prophet. All goods. We have FHE with him tonight so I will download it on my flash drive and we'll watch on their TV. (Sorry for my spelling I'm pretty sure I'm not catching all of it... please bear with me ;))

Faleata wanted to come but twisted his ankle and was house bound for the weekend. That was a bummer. 

Conference was the best eh? Go to the temple, prepare for the sacrament, humble ourselves, serve and teach each other. Follow the spirit, remember the Lord, do your best. That's my 5 second synopsis on conference. 

I loved Elder Uchdorf's talk (ya ya ya architecture)!! and two people really stood out to me as teaching with power and authority from God... 1 is of course Elder Holland. the second was Donald L. Halstrom. I really enjoyed his talk. OKAY FINE!!! I loved all of the talks :)

I think that's about it! Have a great week! Look for miracles! Pray for how you can be a miracle in someone else's life!! 
Alofa tele atu!!

Sista Peo
Sisters Peo and Lewis (Sister Training Leader)

Washing the car? 

Sis Lewis

The night sky

The John Family

Me and my beautiful companion!

 Here's a picture of our new car, someone tried to sell it for $2 while we where in district meeting! ;)

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