Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pili, papatisoga, faamalama, galuega fafeautalai

Lo'u Aiga,

This week has been sweet as! I feel like everything is kinda crashing around my ears... but the end of transfers always seem to be like that! This one must be especially "crashy" because it was 8 weeks not 6!  Does that even make sense... eh. Sorry if it doesn't ;)

"Lizard, baptism, windows, missionary work" is the email title today before I forget!!

We did service for this 88 year old lady who lives by herself about a month ago. She wasn't interested in the church but we saw her working by herself in the yard so we went and helped her for about an hour and I left our number in case she needed help again. Well she called us this week and we went and did some yard work for her! She is hilarious because she loves to talk to us about the church and then right as we finish she's like "Don't teach me any lessons though! I'm stuck in my ways and I don't want to change!" BAHAHAH!!! It's seemed like she studied up on Mormons so we had plenty to talk about while we gardened lol!! She was hesitant to call us because she felt bad that we wouldn't accept money. But her daughter had a best friend that served a mission and told her "Call those sisters! They don't want to be paid! Their church is just kind!" How profound... our church is just kind. Thank you everyone for the examples you set for your friends that are not members of the church. It sure makes our job a lot easier.

We set a date for Julia to be baptized!!!!!! May 14th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for her!!!!!!!!! She is very nervous so we are trying to encourage her to get a blessing but she is just nervous as!! It will all work out for the best though!!

This week we broke into Sister Lewis and Sister Freddie's flat and heart attacked them.... it was a fail though because they came home right as we were about to finish... *face palm*... I don't remember if I told yous this but I am very good at jumping through windows... we've gotten into their flat countless times by me climbing up the shingles(?) of their house and through their window!! HAHAHA!!

The work is going slowly right now... but we are working hard trying to get the ward to wake up and get excited about the work!! I love you all so much!! I hope everything is going well for everyone!! Look for miracles this week!! They are everywhere I promise!!

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo
 Peo, LuaLua and Kalala Chang: whenever we don't have fafaga she tells us to come over and we can make a fry! Fry is just oil, some sort of meat and "vegetables.
South Auckland neighborhood.... this is by Julia's house... there's never much to see in New Zealand besides the sky and whatever you are standing next to ;) its not like Utah where you can see the mountains

 Sisters LuaLua and Peo selfies

Oh this is a lizard we found while doing yard work...yes I caught it... I hope grandpa is proud of me eh? :)

Little lizard

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