Sunday, March 6, 2016

I dunno about you...but I'm feeling 22

Lo'u Aiga,

How are yous?
Sorry about last week! I feel like I had so much to do but nothing got done... *facepalm*
I have more time this week so that's good eh? 

SO my new area is right next to my old area! It's literally just the stake over!! When I got to this area we had one progressing investigator (that's good...) and two investigators total. What...?
Sister LuaLua said when she got there they had no investigators, and she found these two by herself. AND our area book is ridiculous. There are no progress records since Taituuga left this area to train me... That was well over 7 months ago. So we have had a lot of work to do. 

My first couple of days we went through the area book and wrote down everyone's name and address (half the time the address was missing) and contacted everyone. And when I say everyone I mean everyone!! Crazy hard work! Lots of rude people, but also lots of nice people! But it paid off! 8 new investigators (that are keen) (there are others that aren't so keen but invited us back anyway). Kika is 14 and came to a baptism and fireside with us last Sunday (not church this Sunday though dang it!) and we taught her and invited her to be baptised! She said yes! her and her mom are just working on the date! Hopefully we will have FHE tonight!! AND we found Benjamin who sister Lualua taught in the Visitor's center! her and her companion set Benjamin for baptism before Christmas and then he moved here before he could be baptised!! SO WE FOUND HIM! HAH! He thought he could escape eh? Jokes on him!! He came to church with us yesterday!! 

Sister Lualua is the man!! She is called to the English program but served in the visitor's center and now serves with me in the Samoan program! We work so hard!! But we also play and make things fun, which is nice!! In Samoan, Lualua means "two two" So thus the title of this email... Because I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty two 😝

I have a different car in this area and it hates me. It is old and sketchy as! And our driveway is at a 70 degree angle... so that's exciting to try and back up every single morning! BAHAHA!!! If I am not flooring it, I roll forward... fun fun fun!

I think that's about it... Thank you so much for your love and prayers! We are working miracles in this area and could use all of your prayers every minute of every day. I pray that we will stay spiritually strong enough to continue to work such mighty miracles! Mormon 9:24 and 25 is a great scripture about miracles... That's what I was studying this morning before sister Lualua ate taro that gave her hives and we had to rush to the health clinic!! LOL!! That's a whole nother story!! Just read the verse eh??

LOVE you all so much!!! Look for miracles!!!
Alofa atu,
Sista Peo

(note from Mom about the pictures: Sis Saunders is a senior missionary in the office and either Alley or her companion took Sis Saunders phone and took a ton of selfies, Sis Saunders posted so many crazy pictures of Sis Peo and Sis Lualua this week on the mission facebook are a few, including one of them with Sis Saunders)

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