Monday, March 14, 2016

What happened this week?

Is it really P-day already?
That was rather fast wasn't it?
It's kind of like a cruel joke... I get to hear from yous which makes me excited but then I have to try and compile all of my thoughts and actions into an email and send it home... its basically impossible isn't it?? 😝

I can't even really distinguish this week from the one before..?

Sorry if I repeat information..

Kika is still talking to her mom about what day she will get baptised. She can't be baptized on the 26th anymore so we are aiming for the 3 Saturday in April.

Benjamin (Sis. Lualua taught him in Hamilton and he has friends in our ward) came to church and a members house yesterday! He still reads the Book of Mormon! We are going to set him tonight for the 26th of March! He is so ready! But when we reported to ward council last night they don't want Benjamin in the ward because he doesn't understand Samoan, but 2 of his 3 hours in church are in English (YSA and classes) so I don't get it. They are making us refer him back to the elders.. :( But its okay! He is still getting baptized!! Team win!!

NORTIA SILVA WAS BAPTIZED not this Saturday but last Saturday!! I asked for permission from the AP's and president to go but was told no... President felt bad I could tell. BUT SHE WAS BAPTIZED!!! YAY!!!!!! I am so excited!! We have been working on her for so long!!!

I dunno what else to say BAHA!! I will finish the Tusi a Mamona this week on Wednesday!!! We are working so hard!! We are having a little bit of trouble with the ward but we are praying and fasting!! Sister Lualua sends her love!

Remember to look for miracles this week!!
Alofa atu, Love yous,

Sista Peo

here's a pic of me and Nortia

this is my favorite mug to drink koko samoa in at the Tovio's house

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