Sunday, March 20, 2016

maggots and mayhem

Lo'u Aiga,

This was an extremely eventful week and I haven't written any of it in my journal yet... HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oka I am a bad journaler...

I will start with the last 24 hours..

We came home from church yesterday and found MAGGOTS ALL OVER OUR FLOOR... I WAS DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Lualua and I are very tidy. There was NO reason for maggots to be everywhere. It seriously looked like a plague of Egypt in our sitting room!!! I started vacuuming them all up and called Sister Lewis (sister training leader). She and Sister Freddie (Sister Taituuga left me to go to Sister Freddie in Hamilton, then Freddie got transferred up here same time as me) came over and helped us clean and spray the flat but nothing was helping they just kept HATCHING OUT OF THE CARPET. YOU. ARE. JOKING. I. WAS. GOING. TO. DIE. 

Sister Lewis called Elder Saunders and got it all hooked up to have pest people come by this morning, then they had to leave for their appointment. So me and Lualua packed up the car to go sleep at their flat, and emptied out all of the cupboards so the pest people people could spray everything. Then the zone leaders stopped by, they are sick of coming to our flat I swear!! They have come by like 3 times this week!! Anyway, Zone leaders came by to give us a mouse trap (we found something that looked suspiciously like mouse poop... seriously?) and then left with all of our taro! Bahaha!! They told us that the house inspector guy is coming tomorrow at 9 and he is crazy!! That we should just stay away from the flat and try to avoid him!

So this morning after studies, house inspector guy calls us, mad as, and says he won't do anything until he talks to us. Ugg. We were scared as. He has no authority over us but he likes to pretend like he does I guess... He kept a whole zone of elders in one pday because their flats were messy and president was so mad I guess! OKA! So Lualua stayed with Freddie in the STL flat because she was scared and me and Sister Lewis went. When we got there, no one was even there!! So we hung out and called Sister Saunders who said that he would be there in a minute and wished us good luck and said she'd pray for us (thanks for the vote of confidence Sister Saunders). 

It wasn't so bad though. He tried to growl at us but we wouldn't let him! He just wanted all the furniture moved onto the tile. So me and Sister Lewis did that... took us ages eh. But then we left and went back to the other flat. Hopefully we can move back in tomorrow... personally I just think we should burn the flat down and build a new one. 😝

In other news we went on exchanges this week and I was with Sister Lewis in the palagi area!! It was a blast!! We had a giant dog following us around the whole day (no worries he was nice). We named him Bulldozer.

Oh when we slept at the sisters flat last night, they were late getting home, so I balanced a chair on their deck stairs and climbed through their laundry room window and we hid in their closet until they got back!! It would've been really good if Lualua had been able to control her laughing...

We don't have anyone set yet... cry. But its all goods everyone has been busy with Polyfest (I thought it was like Polynesian Swiss Days... that is not what it is!! Its a dance competition!) so hopefully this week we can get plans all settled out!! We have several new investigators this week... (8) and one of them is named Tino. He's the man!! He's catholic and wants to know more about Joseph Smith. Another one is Lualua's uncle!! I swear half the houses we go to she is related to them somehow! Samoans eh? 😁

Whew that was a long one! and it didn't even cover everything!! Oh well all goods!! 
Look for miracles! Have a great week!!
Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

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