Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's December!! WHAAAT!?!?!

Family, Friends, Faifeautalai,

Sister Taituuga is still my companion!! Transfers came and went! *whew*!! Elder Moea'i was transferred though (he was sent to the palagi program. Moment of silence please....thank you ;)) Elder Fametau (our district leader) was also transferred! So Elder Ngungutau (Moea'i's companion) is our new district leader!!

I lost my planner this week! CRY!!! Sister Taituuga Lost her Tusi a Mamona (Book of Mormon in Samoan). They are gone, gone, gone... We have no idea where to find them!!! oh well. life goes on!!

Our mission conference is on December 23rd (Joseph Smith's birthday!!!!)!!!! They wrote a Hamilton mission haka!!! We have been working on learning it so that we will be ready to learn the actions at mission conference!! Also Sista Taituuga and I have been preparing a Christmas song to sing to everyone... :) its tracting in a winter wonderland. We are the coolest...Jacob 6:12 oh be wise... what can I say more? ;)

We have been taking members with us to lessons like crazy this week!! But lots of our lessons drop last minute... so that's interesting. Everyone is getting really busy and forgetting about our appointments!! And I think half of everyone in New Zealand is going to Sa (Samoa) for Christmas!! LOL!! 

OH THE MOST EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! Sista Taituuga and I got permission to go down and see the temple lights with our ward, recent converts and investigators!! WHOOP WHOOP!! President made an announcement saying only Hamilton missionaries could go see the lights, but our bishop (Bishop Sioli) called and asked for permission for us!! PRESIDENT SAID YES!!! YAY!!! but the Elders aren't allowed to come... shhhhhh don't tell them we're going ;)

I hope everyone has a great week!! Look for people to serve!! They are everywhere!! Heavenly Father will point them out to you if you are willing to listen!!

Alofa Tele Atu!!!
Sista Peo

Got the package and decorated the flat!

 Sista Taituuga and Sista Peo in Santa Hats (not sure how to turn this one, sorry!)

 The flat decorations

 Ute Fans in NZ

 They get fed so much that this is what their fridge and pantry look like after not grocery shopping for 3 weeks!

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