Sunday, November 29, 2015

O a'u seki a

Tagata (people),

O a'u Seki a... I am awesome ;)

I definitely left this email for last, and I definitely ran out of time! I am terribly sorry!! 


Friday was as crazy as!! We were running around inviting people to the baptism and then we went up to the chapel for her interview and no one was there!! We hung around for 20 minutes and no one came!! We ran to her house and she was dead asleep with no one to give her a ride!! WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO GIVE HER A RIDE!! We called and asked for permission but were told no!! The Samoan zone leader had an appointment to go to and we had no way to get Caroline there!! NOOOOOO! Finally we got a member to give her a ride, and we all got up there, but the chapel was locked!! Our Zone leaders forgot to open it!! The elders ran over to the MTC to see if they had a key and we called everyone who might have a key. Did I mention it was pouring rain? ;) The MTC didn't have a key and the Zone leaders sent the AP's to give us a key but the Samoan zone leader's appointment was imminent! So they did the interview in the car! LOL!!! 

Moral of the story: Satan does his absolute best to stop things from happening. But Heavenly Father will always provide a way for things to happen. It might not seem like it in this email but we weren't sure that we'd be able to get Caroline to her interview... and then she wouldn't have been baptized on Saturday! BUT THE LORD PROVIDED A WAY!! AND HE ALWAYS DOES!!!

Transfers are Thursday, Sister Taituuga thinks I will train someone. Pray that isn't true ;) supposedly transfers are shown on our mission portal but nothing is different so maybe nothing is changing? I hope so! Sister Taituuga wants to go back to the visitor center though! ;)

Side note: For Thanksgiving we did service with the elders at the L'io aiga! They fed us and then we went and ate again at our fafaga's house... not turkey but two meals I think is enough for me ;)

FUNNY STORY!! I had lots but I will just write this one: Caroline slipped in a puddle up at the chapel and one of the elders said "Easy there, I know you're excited but that isn't deep enough! Just wait for tomorrow!" LOL

Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo
 Caroline's Baptism

 Caroline scared of Moea'i

 Sista Peo

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