Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tagata sailiili fou

If anyone would like to send Sister Peo an email for Christmas, I know she'd love to hear from you!!  Her p-day's are on our Sunday (US)--her Monday.

Loved ones,

Last week was hot as! We were melting into puddles! But this week was cold!!!! What gives?? I thought it was summer ;) it was dark and rainy all week, so cold at night and humid and muggy during the day. Just picture my hair... it was not to be controlled this week ;)

Did I tell yous that we have friends now?? WE HAVE TOGAN SISTERS IN OUR DISTRICT!!! YAY!!! We have been waking up early and meeting them at the chapel at 6am and playing sports!! Sister Puhulu and I got a little aggressive... fouling each other... all in good fun though!! But we accidentally smashed my watch.. 😢 Don't worry, I taped it back together 😝

Sister Taituuga and I felt like we needed to meet new faces this week. We went back through the area book and a bunch of names and went and contacted them!! LOTS INVITED US BACK!! YAY!!! Thus the Tagata sailiili fou (new investigators).

Also this week I was reading my Tusi a Mamona and thinking "when on earth am I going to finish this thing??"  It is so long. So I made a goal!! I am going to finish it by the 16th of march!! In order to do that I have to read 6 pages every day! Bring it on!! ;) So far so good!! Yesterday I only read 3 pages but earlier this week I read 10 so it's alright!! Right now it takes me 15 minutes per page (I'm reading in Samoan and English so I for sure understand), it will be fun to see how fast I am improving on my language ;)

We watched the Christmas conference last night!! SOO GOOD!!! I loved all the talks!! Especially Elder Bednar's talk about how Christ is the light, and how we should steadfastly look to him. In Samoan the word for understanding and light are the same (malamalama). I know that as we steadfastly look towards the light of Christ and strive to stay in the light, we will receive further light and knowledge about the gospel. Heavenly Father is never too far away, he is never too busy to talk to you, and he desperately wants to hear from you. Miracles happen everyday. Look for them and Heavenly Father will send even more your way!! 

Have an amazing week!!
Alofa atu,
Sista Peo

This is a pic of the Samoan faifeautalai 
Elder Maiava on the left
Elder Ngungutau (still here) in between Sister Taituuga and I

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