Monday, December 28, 2015

faifeautala'i fou

Lo'u Aiga ma uo (my family and friends)

O a mai? (how are you)

This week started off awesome; lessons, inviting people for our activities this weekend (we had volleyball and basketball on Saturday and a devotional on Sunday), service, but then everyone seemed to realize it was almost Christmas ;P Around Thursday everyone got too busy to talk to us or just weren't home. In fact none of our investigators came to any of our activities this weekend even though they said they would...FAANOANOA (sad)!! Fia tagi :'( (want to cry). haha!! That's okay, they have their agency! We did our job by inviting them! :)

On Wednesday we had splits with the Missionaries in the MTC again! The Sisters from Samoa came with Sister Taituuga and me!! The one that came on splits with me, Sister Fata is going to Sydney North, and the Sister who split with Sister Taituuga, Sister Ulu, is coming HERE!!! IN THE SAMOAN PROGRAM!! Whaaaat? so then we had fun trying to guess who Sister Ulu's trainer would be!! Hahah! she is coming in the middle of the transfer so she will be in a trio for a few weeks before she knows who it is! I hope she will be in a trio with us! That would be so fun!!

There are only 6 sisters in the program, 4 of them were called to it, 2 of them are visitor center sisters (Sister Taituuga and Sister Poina- Sister Corrigan's trainer). 

We had lessons with Nortia this week (our investigator who was supposed to be baptized with Caroline). Hopefully we will get a date pinned down for her this week... we will see! I will keep you posted!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!! I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he has made for us. He has paid the price for my sins, and asks for nothing in return except to follow his example and come unto him.

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

After playing basketball with the Tongan Sisters.

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