Sunday, November 1, 2015

Aua le valua


Hows it rolling?

We've had a rocking week in the down under ;) TELE LESONA (many lessons)!!!!
We had 4 progressing investigators this week!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! Our lesson with Taleleo Fruen fell through last week so we are going to try invite her to papatiso ma lotu (baptism and church) today. If all goes well and she seems keen we will set her for the 28th!!

Have I told you about the Panapa Aiga? they are a couple in their late 50's early 60's. Uileta (Juliet in Samoan) Panapa is a RM, but her husband is a strong Catholic. She is less active. Every time they go to our house they feed us a meal... whether it's meal time or not...

We taught *funny story for later* them a lesson yesterday. We left them lesson 1 pamphlet AND THEY READ IT!!! WOOOHOO!! So we taught lesson 1... it was sad. THE SPIRIT WAS SOOO STRONG!! But his heart was hard and wouldn't accept a copy of the book of mormon. We gave him the second pamphlet and he said he would read it before our next lesson. We are praying for him.

After that lesson they fed us.. ugg... A WHOLE FISH FOR  EACH OF US. The head and tail were chopped off but everything else was still there! There was a mug full of what I thought was milk, but actually was coconut cream and fish oil. You are supposed to take a bite of fish and then drink a little bit of the cream. I had no idea what I was doing BAHAHA!!!! I keep getting bones in my mouth... there are lots of little bones in fish! What the heck!! That was fun.

I am a bit of an alligator now (heh. Alley-Gator. Heh.). I can eat just about anything. I eat chicken, fish, you name it. I have eaten food that has definitely not been cooked enough and not gotten sick. Siste Taituuga has drinken (druken.. drink? drank? drunk? what?) milk that was in our car for 3 hours and was just fine. I think that must be one of the missionary superpowers: Alligator stomachs ;)

What other news? 

I AM COVERED IN BUMPS!!! We don't think we have fleas, their bites look different, but we are covered in itchy bumps. I can't stop scratching so mine are HUGE! Thus my title for the email (it means don't itch).

We referred the Solo Brothers to our elders, hopefully they will be able to teach them lessons since we can't really. There needs to be a women in the house for us to teach them, and their mom still doesn't want us to. So hopefully the elders will have more luck.

.... OH! funny story from earlier

In Samoan teach and learn are the same word: a'oa'o. You know the correct meaning based on context. When My soa wants to say " we taught a lesson to..." what she says "We learned a lesson to.." BAHAHA!!! It cracks me up!! She is so cute!!

UMA! I think that's it!! I love you all!!
Manuia le Vaiaso!!
Alofa atu!!
Sista Peo

Sistas Taituuga and Peo

Sista Taituuga, Auntie Rima (who came to church this week!!!) and Sista Peo

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