Sunday, November 22, 2015

O'i Aue


Prepare yourselves for a story of a lifetime:

Did I tell you that members complained to Brother Fu's (the ward mission leader) that I wasn't eating anything and it wasn't worth preparing a fafaga? The struggle!! So I have been trying to eat more... and not get fat at the same time... miracles happen right?

I kept telling Sister Taituuga: Soa I'm going to throw up!! And she would laugh as at me!!
Oh man... Friday there was an Aualofa (relief society) activity (side note: everyone goes to activities no matter who its for in Samoan wards) and it was a dance. We invited and got lots of investigators there!! So that was waaaay good!! We got permission to go, and the ward made us sit at the special table of honour with the bishopric and their wives. The YSA came and filled our plates with food! I will attach a picture. I tried to finish my plate and didn't' even come close, no one did. Soa, Moea'i and Ngungutau wicked laughed at me for how much I ate.  They didn't even try to eat very much! But I was worried about being rude!! I felt sick as!! Ya, woke up Saturday morning and threw up all the food. Fa'anoanoa!!! It was palusami too!!! My favorite!! So who knows when I'm going to be able to eat that again. I didn't eat anything for two days.. Sister Taituuga almost made me go to the hospital again. Sister Fu'e is awesome and brought me some medicine though!!! So that was waaaay good!!! 

That was my fun story for the week!! moral of the story: don't over eat! :D

Heavenly Father Loves you!!! 
I love you!!

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo


My full plate from Aualofa

 The devil palusami i would throw up 10 hours later

Sis Taituuga squishing Sis Peo's head while she was sick

Sis Taituuga, Sis Fu'e (WML's wife) and Sis Peo

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