Sunday, October 25, 2015

O ai lenei?

Friends, Family, Peeps in general,

Hows it going??


We had TONS of lessons and visited SO MANY less active people! We did service for Aunty Rima (less active, her husband is samoan and isn't a member) and for the Fu'e Aiga (aiga means family)(the Fu'e's are our ward mission leaders) But not many new investigators... sad face. We invited 10 people to a fireside on self reliance we had last night and not a single one came. They all bailed last minute. FA'ANOANOA!!!!!!!! (Sad). We are trying to figure out what happened. Our conclusion is that our investigators are too nice to us. They aren't really interested in the gospel, they just want to talk to us. *Sigh*. 

We got Aunty Rima to sacrament meeting yesterday though!! WOOHOO!! I also asked Taleleo Fruen if she would be baptized and she said yes!! Next lesson we will commit her to a day! We are worried about her though... we are worried that she is just being too nice to us... I will keep you updated about that!! JOE SOLO HAS BEEN READING THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!

The subject line is "O ai lenei?" which is "who was that?". Whenever we are walking by the road we always get honked at and waved to... But 9 times out of 10 we have no idea who the heck is in the car!! LOL!!! CAR!! THAT REMINDS ME!!!!!!! WE GOT A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...... Guess who's driving...YOURS TRULY!!!!! Sister Taituuga only has to remind me to stay on the left 10 times a day ;) JUST KIDDING!!!! I am a good driver!!

OH!! Transfers were on Thursday! Neither Me or Sister Tai got transferred! I am so happy!! But one of our Elder's (Po Asaua) got transferred. So now we have Elder Moea'i (still) and Nunutau (that's not spelled right. He's togan!!! IN THE SAMOAN PROGRAM!!! Whaaaat!! so because he's tongan there's a g in there somewhere.... eh)

Is there anything else...?

I'M FAT!!!!!! welll not yet... But at this rate i will be!! GUESS HOW MANY MEALS WE WERE FED THIS WEEK!!!! 9!!!! how many were we supposed to be fed? 5!!!! THAT'S ALMOST TWICE THE AMOUNT!!! I'M GOING TO DIE!!!! Sister Fue literally bought us each a triple cheeseburger combo AND a milkshake AND an icecream ONE HOUR BEFORE OUR FAFAGA ON WEDNESDAY!!!! I ABOUT EXPLODED!!!!! Not to mention the fact that because Sister Tai hates ice cream, I have to eat the other half of hers whenever a member gives it to us.... We've had ice cream three times this week... .___. AND KFC!! The KFC count for this week is 4. Have I mentioned that I'm going to die? LOL!!!


Manuia le Vaiaso!!! ( blessed week... that's a bad translation... eh)
Alofa tele Atu!!!!!

Sista Peo
Service with Rima!! (Rima and Tai)
 My sweet as tan!! ;) be jealous!!

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