Sunday, October 11, 2015

Alofa Tele Atu!!!!

Friends, Family, Faifeautalai, Random people I don't know,

How is everyone?? :)

I had a good week!! We contacted HEAPS of people this week... but only have 2 new investigators... Also we only have 2 progressing investigators (neither of whom are ready to be baptized). We taught the Solo brothers this week when their mom was gone (they still wanted to take lessons even though she didn't approve) and we are hoping that their mom won't get too upset.

We went to the health clinic twice this weekend... Sister Taituuga has bronchitis (but wont admit it), and I had another attack. Dang, I wish we could just be healthy!! We have to go to the health clinic again this week as a follow up for me... they aren't quite sure what to do with me and how to keep me better I guess.

Conference was ROCKING!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! there were heaps of amazing talks and i recieved some amazing personal revelation! Elder Lawrence is da man!! Loved his talk!! It is so important to keep the holy ghost with us and be able to receive revelation through him!! Also what scripture is everyone ponderizing this week?? I am going to do Alema 34:32, It's a great scripture for extending commitments to both members and investigators :)

I was very frustrated this week with my language abilities (surprise, surprise i know). I had a day where i was so frustrated it actually made me unable to speak Samoan at all. That's not cool!! I have decided that I'm done being frustrated with myself. I'm not done pushing myself to improve, but i'm done expecting perfection now. I am done being so pessimistic about my abilities and skills. By being negative we are basically telling Heavenly Father that we aren't greatful for the gifts he has given us. That's no good!! I have been focusing on the things i can say rather than the things i cant. AND ITS WORKING!!! Yesterday there was a significant increase in what i was able to understand during our fafaga (Feed). I am so excited!! 

Miracles happen every single day. Be sure to acknowledge them and thank your heavenly father for them!! I love you all so much!!! HAVE AN AMAZINGLY SPECTACULARLY PRIME WEEK!!! aaaaaaaaaaaand Happpy Canadian thanksgiving!!! 

Alofa tele atu!!!!
Sista Peo

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