Sunday, October 18, 2015

manuia vaiaso

Family, Friends, Missionaries,

How's it going?

It's been a wicked good week! We got to teach lots of lessons (all how to begin teaching but thats good!)! We also had exchanges this week! I went with our Sister Training leader (Sister Page) into her area (hillpark), and her companion (sister Green- who was in my sociology class at the U) came to our area with Sister Tai! So i was in the palagi program for the day, which was very fun! It was fun to be able to understand exactly what was happening during the lesson and be confident with my words. We taught the plan of salvation to a young family with  5,3,and1 year old boys so that was really fun ;)

For personal study I read preach my gospel in samoan. It is very slow going. But i am getting much better!! I can really feel myself improving! Sometimes there will be whole paragraphs i can understand! Speaking is still a struggle though, I get very nervous around people and in lessons and basically just become mute. It frustrates Sister Taituuga so much. Lately she has taken to just being silent during our Fafaga (feeds) so that i will be the one that drives the conversations with our members. But I am improving.

Our progressing investigators are: The Solo brothers, Alesana family (we soft set them a couple of weeks ago but the struggle to understand the need to be baptized "again" when they were already abptized in their church) and Lagi Tusa ( a very nice lady who we started teaching last week! She works at night so its tricky to get a hold of her but she's great!)

I feel so inadequate constantly. I almost never do anything correctly. I can't imagine my life without the atonement of Jesus Christ. I use it constantly. Heavenly Father loves you. Your savior loves you. You can do hard things.

Alofa atu,
Sista Peo

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