Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fgamanu Fulu ma Malumalu

Friends, family, missionaries, strangers,

It Has been one heck of a week!!!

We went to the temple which was so awesome!! We did initiatories and a session!! The New Zealand temple is so beautiful!!! 

We also had our baptism on saturday!!! WOOHOOO!!! So exciting!!! It was so cool!! While Fagamanu was getting changed back into his clothes we had to give a presentation on the restoration. I was terrified!! But the Holy ghost helped me, and Sister Taituuga told me she didn't know i could speak samoan like that! I can't... the spirit can ;)

The struggle has been real this week with learning samoan! In the beginning of the week i was to afraid to even speak. Now i will speak, but i over think what i am trying to say. BUT I AM TRYING!! Everyone told me there would be lessons where i wouldn't understand the investigator, but i didn't realize i wouldn't understand my companion either!! In the instances i dont know what to say!! Baahah!!

Sister Taituuga and i have worked out a plan this morning that we think will help immensely with this situation. We breakdown everything we are going to teach that day into parts and divide it, that way i know exactly what to study. I will have to let you know how that goes!

Have i mentioned lately that sister Taituuga is an angel for being so patient with me??
SHE IS!!!! Oh my goodness I am so lucky!!!!

Padre asked me if I covered the whole zone by bike. Yes We do, but we never bike because sister Taituuga doesn't like to bike in sunday clothes, so we walk! The members are so nice and if ever they see us walking they will pull over and give us a ride!! The members are great!! They are constantly feeding us!! I didn't eat breakfast yesterday and i didn't even notice until 5 minutes before our feed (faufauga)...

We joke that we could not buy groceries and be fine because we get fed so much! We are buying more food though because not doing so could lead to some uncomfortable mornings ;)

Funny stories:

We walked past a street called arnwood, and my soa started singing "onward ever onward..." LOL!!!!

My Soa Doesn't have an accent except on the 'g' sound. So I always tease her about the cold and gold... or as she says: cold and kold. 

Alofa tele atu,
Sista Peo

P.s. I received two letters and a package this week!! How blessed am i??? THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!
 Fgamanu's baptism

 Hospital Selfie (from 2 weeks ago)

 First Temple Trip in Hamilton

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