Sunday, September 20, 2015


Family, Friends, Everyone else,

I ASKED SOMEONE TO BE BAPTIZED ON WEDNESDAY AND THEY SAID YES!!!!! HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! We are working so hard to make sure he will be ready!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so excited!!!

His name is Fagamanu, he is 63 and has been going to church for 3 months now! It's kind of a long story, BUT he was being taught by the elders then something happened and was referred to the sisters. But the previous sisters lost his referral or something because they never contacted him! We Found him through a family in our ward: The Tui's!! He is living at their house! We taught the 3rd lessons because the Elders taught the first two, and I asked him to be baptized and he said yes, next week!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!

We are also teaching 3 brothers who live in a flat next door to us. Their Mom just came back from samoa and isn't interested in learning from us and doesn't approve of her sons taking lessons while she was gone. We tried to go over and meet her but she wouldn't let us in! The Brothers talked to us yesterday and apologized! Then straight up told us they wanted to be baptized but their mom would be furious. It's very sad! We are praying for her heart to be softened so that Joe, Harold, and Toloa can be baptized. (Just a funny side note Toloa asked me if I had a boyfriend!! BAHAHAHA!!! I about peed my pants I was laughing so hard!!)

I haven't had any asthma problems this week!! I am much better!!! I am still on the inhaler!! WOOHOO!!

you pronounce sister Taituuga (tie-too-oon-ga)

I realize my letter last week really sucked. I profusely apologize!! I will try and fill in some of the gaps I created!! 

I am serving in the Alema ward, Redoubt Zone. Because we are in the Samoan program, we cover the WHOLE ZONE!! It is Giant!! We are praying for a car ;) There are only 3 wards in my mission that are Samoan speaking. So there are only 3 sister companionships that are Samoan speaking in our whole mission. Because of this President Told me I will not be in the Samoan program for all of my mission. I will we switched eventually to the palagi (English) program. I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN BE SWITCHED TO THE PALAGI PROGRAM!!! President assured me that i will still use my Samoan in the English program, just not for teaching.... -.- 
I don't want to be switched. SO! That just increases the pressure i put on myself to learn Samoan as fast as humanly possible!

That is not going so well. I am very frustrated with myself. I WANT TO BE FLUENT NOW!!!!! Bahaha! Sister Taituuga just keeps telling me that i have a long journey, and i need to be patient with myself. The struggle is real. I am working very hard though!! 

Yesterday was especially rough! We taught 3 lessons and i butchered all 3 of them. My words wouldn't come out. Sister Taituuga has to pick up so much slack because of me! my part in lessons right now is mostly double testifying and sharing scriptures. I try to do more but i mess up BIG time. I was very frustrated with myself. Sister Taituuga thanked me for my hard work and told me i said exactly what heavenly father needed me to say at that time. she said that, maybe he didn't want me to say any more. Bless her. I cried and when i thought about why I couldn't tell if they were frustrated or grateful! That surprised me! Why grateful? I was grateful that this is so hard for me! I have been looking forward to doing this for so long. I am so glad this is so hard for me! I m so glad Heavenly father gives me such challenging things to do, and that he trusts me to do my best! I was at peace after that.

Miracles happen every day. You just have to look for them!! When you find them, thank heavenly father for them and then he will give you more!!

I Love you all so much!! Have a great week!!!
Alofa ia te oe,
Sista Peo

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