Friday, September 4, 2015

fai eteete i lei mo'i lalolagi

Family, Friends, Everyone else!

THIS IS MY LAST P DAY AT THE MTC!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!! when i opened my call i never thought this day would come! After my first Sunday in the MTC my departure date looked waaaaaaay too close!! Then i blinked and here we are!! Dang!!

First off let me tell you about this week:

I GOT FIVE PACKAGES THIS WEEK!! WHAT THE HECK!!???!! I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!!!! THank you so much for the chocolate Gramma, we ate all of it during zone prayer! Grandpa Jeff, We scarfed down your brown sugar butterscotch cookies... we are attempting to save some for our flight... we will see how that goes! Aunt Jenni OREOS!!!!! WE ABOUT WET OUR PANTS WHEN WE OPENED THAT BOX THIS MORNING!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

Yesterday we had In field training all day. It's training elders and sister who are leaving do... you practice contacting and other stuff like that. The first half was boring but the second half was super awesome!!! I learned that if you are genuine and have the spirit with you, you can't fail!! 

This whole week and a half i have been straining to find Elder Carol!! I was so worried i was going to leave without seeing him!! Funnily enough he got called on to answer a question during training!! LOL!!! So during i break i ran around and said hello!! I also saw him this morning while i was waiting for my clothes in the dryer! Sorry no picture of us together!! 

Last night Sister Kamaleti showed us a bunch of her mission pictures (she went to Aukland, New Zealand) before we did Skype TRC. It got me all jazzed to leave!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! TRC went well last night. It was our first skype session since last week got cancelled. The guy we taught was IN Samoa!! CRAZY!! He was very nice! We were trying something new during this lesson. We took in a list of points we wanted to cover and tried to make up sentences on the spot...

ya it didn't work too well.

I went first and I wanted to ask "Why do you think we are commanded to attend church?" but instead i said "Why do you think we command the church?" LOL
Bless his heart! He was like "Toe fai mai?" and i repeated it again and he was so confused!! Sister Garvin had to jump in and save me!! LOL!!!

On our way back from TRC The elder's were saying goodbye to sister Kamaleti and Uso haws and Elder Reid said "Fai eteete i lei mo'i lalolagi!" Which means be careful of the real world! We were dying!!

They had to say goodbye because they ARE LEAVING TOMORROW AT 1pm!!!!! WHAAAAAT?!?! We are going to be left here!! :( They have a cafe rio count down though!! They are so excited to eat it in the airport!! 

We went to the temple and did a session together one last time!! Then we got breakfast at the temple afterwards.... TEMPLE BREAKFAST IS WAAAAAY BETTER THAN MTC BREAKFAST!!! TELL EVERYONE!!!!

Hmmm what else?

I got my mission t shirt today!!! YAY!!! I ordered it from the MTC store so that's cool! I also got this awesome t-0shirt that has a captain america sheild on it but says captain moroni!! It's my favorite!!

Okay i really don't remember what happened the rest of the week... funny story time??

All of the Polys are related to each other. So the 3 poly elders will be talking about family members and one of them will always be like "OH! you know joseph?? He's my uncle!!" its ridiculous!! So their companions started this joke where they will pretend to do that too. "Oh you know steven? How do you know him? From school right?" elder Damuni got irritated with them and said "It must be from Polagi club"!!!! LOL!!! Polagi means white or american. We were dying laughing!!

I fell asleep during quiet time a while ago and sister Garvin threw her pan cap at me to wake me up. she missed me and hit the door, but it ricocheted off and hit me in the face!! BAHAHA!!!

Things I've learned from the MTC:
- The atonement can be used every minute of every day
-There are crazy people that you would never talk to that become the most incredible spiritual beings you have ever met
- Food in the MTC is nothing to look forward to
- Doing your best does include relaxation time
-Grace doesn't 'fill in the gaps', it is the gap. you just have to accept it's help.
-Heavenly father Loves you and is mindful of you CONSTANTLY. He knows what he's doing even when it seems like he doesn't (*cough* samoan *cough*)
-social networking is over-rated ;)

Alofa a te tatou!!!

Sister Peo

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