Sunday, September 20, 2015

Malo soifua

Family, Friends, Strangers,

Malo Soifua!!! (just another way to say hello)

I have had a very exciting week and a half!!!!

Honestly i don't remember much of our last few days in the MTC... I have it all written down in my journal but i didn't refresh my memory before we came... faamile atu!!! (sorry)

I do know that the asthma struggle has been real! The last couple days in the MTC where brutal! We didn't have time to go to the doctor in the MTC because it was a long weekend and we were flying out on monday!! So sista Beckwith and Sista Garvin made me promise to tell my mission president about my asthma and go to the doctor ASAP. I didn't want to do that. BAHAH!!1

Sista Corrigan Sister Maire (english speaker from Australia, came to Provo mtc for visitor center training. Everyone kept getting us confused because we are within 2 inches of each others heights-I'm taller- we are Brunette and we both wear glasses! LOL!!) and I left the MTC at 1pm on Monday!! Uso kinisone and sista kamaleti came and said goodbye!! Leaving Sista Garvin was impossibly hard. If I wasn't so excited to get on the plane, I probably would've died!!

When we got to the airport they literally just dumped us at the curb and said peace out. We were all like 'so this is what the outside world looks like... I'd forgotten!!' LOL!!! We got cafe rio!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! and I called home. That was impossibly hard too. They made me cry and i was not expecting that.THE PLANE RIDE WAS SOOOOOOOOOO LONG! I had asthma problems pretty much the whole flight. 

Customs would've been fine if Sister corrigan hadn't announced her sutifed (cutifed..? Red pill--Mom edit: sudafed) as a controlled substance.... as a result all our bags were hand checked and we were there for like an extra hour!! uggg.

We met President Rudd and had some briefings! I met with president Rudd and told him about my asthma. The next day we got our areas and trainers!! I am serving in the Redoubt Area, Alema ward!!! My trainer is Sista Taituuga!!! SHE IS AMAZING I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!!!! She is from Samoa!!! She was originally a visitor center sister but got pulled into the Samoan program. Lots of the old Samoan missionaries got sent home. They are trying to fix the areas now so have brought fresh missionaries into these areas. So we are both new, that's been interesting!!

We went on a run my first morning and I did just fine. But as soon as we stopped I died!! We got permission to go to the doctor and he put me on 2 inhalers and some pills. They didn't quiet work in time and I had a very bad asthma attack Friday night. We went to the hospital and spent all night in the hospital... ha ha!! I took so much inhaler!! They kept me all night because my heart rate wouldn't come back down!! They put a ton of water through my IV pic and i had too pee all day long on Saturday ;) We got permission to sleep the rest of the day Saturday. I felt so bad wasting the lord's time.

On SundayI  introduced myself  and bore my testimony during sacrament meeting.. IN SAMOAN!!! whoop whoop!! That was fun!! The members are so wonderful!!! The non members too!! Everyone is so surprised when I say malo soifua!! They love talking to me even though I don't understand!! Everyone is so awesome and tries to help me every time I meet them! One lady we visited tried to teach me head shoulders knees and toes!! BAHAHA!!!!

I have had lots of fun food!!!
-Cocoa Samoa (SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! THe cocoa beans are chunks so you chew them as you drink..... yummy!!!!!!!)
-Taro (it's kind of like a potato...? not really... kind of. its good if you dip it in something!!)
-Palusami (Taro leaves with coconut milk IT IS WICKED GOOOD!!!!!! YUP YUP YUP!! I HAD IT YESTERDAY!!!)
-Lamb soup (it is what it is! It was way good! they leave all the bones in when they cook so you just pick it out... that's fun!)
-Oka soup (I had this yesterday too! I didn't know what oka was.... Oka means raw fish in samoan! The soup was cold and tasted really salty. I basically just told my brain not to think about it and ate it. I couldn't help avoiding the chunks though!! LOL!!! It was good!!)
-Banana (They peel bananas and boil them and them let them sit out. They are all dry and hard and don't taste like anything... not my favorite ;))

We have to leave because the elders are here and we can't email in the same place at the same time (because of the previous missionaries)!!

Alofa ia te oe!!
Sista Peo

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