Friday, August 28, 2015

O te le manatua.....

Family, Friends, and everbody else!!

The title of my email today is I don't remember.. LOL! I really don't remember what happened on specific days this week... BUT I remember moments! SO forgive me as I share moments of this week with you!

Our Tongan District left earlier this week. So we sang to them one song from each of our languages as a parting devotional. Everyone was crying, and The spirit was ridiculously strong. The new Tongan districts came on wednesday, and the zone leaders and Sister training leaders (us) were in charge of orientation for them!! Yikes!! It went well though! I spoke on the blessing of companionship which is an awesome subject!! There are only 4 new sisters in the tongan district. So we lost 7 and only gained 4. but they are awesome!!! One of them is Sister Hosea, and her little brother (Elder Hosea) was in the tongan district that left right before they got here! Crazy!!

We taught Silao (Uso Kinnison's persona)  twice this last week. The first time, I finally did my part without any notes of any kind (WOOHOO!!!) but all of us felt like something was wrong the whole lesson. Kinnisone called us back in after the lesson and told us we were awful. LOL! Not really but kind of! We were teaching lessons not people! Basically the problem was we moved on to the second lesson before we made sure he understood the first lesson *sigh*. We were scared to test his understanding because we were afraid we wouldn't understand. Yes I am aware we are ridiculous. So the second time we went over each section of the first lesson and had a great discussion about it. Our lessons are only supposed to be ten minutes long... ya that one was 35!! BAHAH!! Go us! Kinnisone said we crushed it, which is basically the best praise anyone has ever gotten from kinnisone ever!! 

We taught Faletui (Uso Haws's Persona) and it was also a disaster. I misunderstood what he said: He wasn't 100% sure joseph smith was a prophet.... I then asked him to be baptized...
.... awkward
The good news is he wasn't scared away (probably because he can't be scared away) and he said he'

d think about it. We are teaching him again tomorrow... We are probably going to do something similar to what we did with Silao and then talk about the spirit. We haven't ironed out the details yet.

The worst mess up was Damuni though!!! While he was teaching Silao he had him read matthew 24:19 instead of 24:9-10!!! LOL!!!! They were meaning to talk about the apostasy!!! 19) "And woe unto them that are with child and to them that give suck in those days!" They made poor Faletui read it twice!!! He realized it was the wrong verse but didn't know what it said until he came back into class and read it in english!!! Uso Haws came in crying because he was laughing so hard!!! whew, good times!!

We had TRC on saturday which was hard. We had legit Samoan people and they both talked fast and very little.... but it went alright. We were also supposed to have SKYPE TRC LAST NIGHT!!! AAAAAAAAHHH!!! We were terrified!! ACTUAL PEOPLE FROM SAMOA!!! Sister Corrigan had an anxiety attack (she gets them occasionally), and everyone was planning on reading everything from notebooks. BUT MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!! All of the volunteers backed out last minute so there wasn't anyone to talk to! SO we just taught the people in our district!

This was a tender mercy as well because President Willes had asked us to sing our district's favorite song (lua Sefulu fitu)(that means 27) to the new tongans and then also sing their song (the song they sing for goodbye devotionals) to them. We had to say no because we would have TRC! But since TRC fell through we were all able to sing to them and President Was Thrilled. President Willes is an amazing man. I am honored to have him as my branch president and be able to serve as a sister training leader under him. He genuinely loves and knows each an everyone of us... And when he looks at us you just know he sees you the way heavenly father does.

OH!! More Good news!! Sister Garvin gave me the okay to play volleyball this week!! Yay!! I'm still not allowed to run though unless it's on an elliptical ;)

Uhhhh.... Part of sister training leader duties is interviewing all the sisters on saturday nights! WE HAVE THE MOST AMAZING SISTERS IN OUR BRANCH!!!! I can't believe I have been giving the opportunity to serve them! I am so honored!!

Another funny story:
Wednesday is the day we change out our linens. I make my companions' beds when they forget (which they hardly do anymore). But while sister Garvin was getting ready I was changing her sheets for her and making her bed. Sister Beckwith (from the other Samoan district trio) was distracting her so that she wouldn't get mad at me for serving her!! But sister garvin set me up and I couldn't resist making a sassy comment!! So she turned around to roll her eyes at me and there i was on her bunk!! LOL!!! I was totally caught red handed!!

In class we play this game called trashketball. Uso Haws (uso kinnisone is way to serious to play this game) writes something on the bored and one person from each team has to translate it. whoever translates it the fastest correctly gets to try and make a basket with a wad of paper and the garbage can. If you make the basket you get a point. But uso haws decides where you stand and where the basket is placed...

no one has ever made a basket LOL!!!!!

Uso Kinnisone takes after the Samoan chiefs, he is very serious and is always right. Uso Haws takes after the children and hunchs to anyone superios to him, makes faces at us, says unnnhhhh alot (which is an improper way to say right?), and sticks his tongue out at us a lot. We consider Uso kinnisone our teacher and the other district considers uso haws their teacher. But we love them both!!

We really love it during story time!! They both tell us about their missions in Samoa!! About being attacked by packs of dogs, foot long centipedes that bit you and make you sick, being fed 8-10 HUGE meals a day, Prayer time, The super long speeches everyone makes (we have learned two: one when you want to talk to someone for the first time, the other when you are talking to them again). We LOVE story time!!

The elders got their travel plans yesterday.. they leave on the 5th!! So we are all getting sung goodbye to on tuesday. Ours are in the mailbox (we can see them) but we don't know where our district leader is to get them for us... UGGG!!! We will get them later today i guess.

This means we will be released as sister training leader on tuesday. I'm trying not to think about it. It makes me sad.

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND LETTERS!!!!! Gramma thank you so much for your package my district loves the candy!! Family thank you for the package, We will have a very happy sunday!!! Thank you for your love and prayers and support!!! I love my mission. the spirit is so strong. The MTC is an amazing place. I know Heavenly Father loves us. 

Alofa Ia te outou!!!! (I love you all)

Sister Peo

Bumped into Mary Lambert at the temple! 
sketch of floor 
sketch of room

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