Friday, August 21, 2015

O le a 'ou tautala i le tala lelei

Family, friends, everybody else!

I apologize for my confusion last week!! NOW i leave two weeks from monday! Time is very difficult for me to keep track of here!! Bahaha ;) Our tongan districts are leaving us on monday and sunday (leaving us to be the "oldest district") , so our branch got shaken up a little bit calling-wise this week! Which means I have some very exciting news to share with you (thus the subject line which reads: I will speak good story):

We have been called as sister training leaders for our zone!! Woohoo!!!  All three of us!! Isn't that crazy?? President asked to meet with us after devotional on tuesday and we started immediately after that. WE have a phone, so president and the front desk can contact us whenever. SIster Garvin is in charge of it so that way we dont lose it!! ;)

TRC is ridiculously fun!! You just chat with people and then share a spiritual thought and challenge them to do something! They said our samoan is good... What liars!!! THey said all you need is pigeon samoan/caveman samoan and the spirit. I can handle that!!

 On sunday the Nashville TRibute band came and performed for us. Needless to say i about died from excitement!!! Sister Garvin and I were in the choir (sister corrigan is now... but wasnt at the time) so we got to sing back up for them on a couple of songs (i was born and the john song). Sister Garvin now loves to listen to them so now we have jam sessions in our room on the speakers!!

On tuesday another samoan teacher was hired to start in the fall! SHE!!!!! She has been shadowing Uso kinnisone!! We love talking to her because it is easier for us to mimic her inflections than it is to mimic Kinnisone. We stilll go to Kinnisonne with our questions because he knows how to explain things better, but we listen to her for pronunciation. After we got our calling, held zone prayer, and went to sleep everything went wrong. I tried to lay down to sleep but started coughing like crazy, and had an asthma attack. from laying down.. ugg. I ran out into the bathroom and just sat on the floor. My Soa (companions)(plural things are weird in samoan.. sorry about that!) were right behind me. We spent about 30 minuter on the bathroom floor until the coughing eased enough that we could go back to the room. THat was the worst 1/2 hour ever. I was just sobbing/dying on the bathroom floor while sister garvin held me and sister corrigan looked confused as to what to do. Bless them!

THey stacked up all the extra pillows in our room (we have the biggest room with only us 3 in it. but 3 bunk beds still! Maybe i will take a pic for next week!) so that i could sleep propped up. I didnt end up sleeping at all and when i "woke up" my throat was completely raw!

I only tell you all of this so you can know the miracle that was Wednesday!! Otherwise i wouldn't have said anything because i know it will freak you out!

Sister garvin wanted me to go to the doctor wednesday morning, and i of course would rather die than go to the doctor! we finally settled on asking elder reid and elder holt for a blessing. BUT WE HAD SO MUCH TO DO!!! the other trio in the other samoan district was sick! So we had to bring them meals since we are Sister training leaders now! SO as quickly as i could move (which i couldn't move very fast at all.. LOL!!) we ate, delivered meals, asked for a blessing, then met them in our class room. Our room and class areon the third floor of different buildings so we are always climbing stairs. I couldnt do that. I would start coughing my brains out and because it hurt my throat so bad i would cry again. it was humiliating. I'm sucha baby.

Elder Reid and Elder Holt gave me such an amazing blessing. THey promised me things that were also mentioned while i was being set apart. THe spirit was so strong!! We are so blessed with such amazing elders! I am so grateful!!

I was almost immediately better!! We avoided stairs and hills like a plague, but i was remarkably improved. SO much so that when i hosted later that day I was normal! I hosted 5 new sisters! It was an amazing experience! (and I even did stairs!! Whoop whopp!!) 

Mentally I was pooped though. The last chunk of class (3 hours) with Uso Haws, I had zero idea of what was happening. My head was basically underwater. But apparently our lesson with Uso Haws's persona Faletui went well... BAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Yesterday we hung out at music auditions for devotionals like usual. We originally went because Elder Wolz sang Savior Redeemer of my soul beautifully on sunday for our branch, so we convinced him to audition! But after Sister Garvin was done accompanying him, other last minute auditioners asked if she would help them too. She is such an angel I swear!! She helped 3 other people, we were basically there for another 2 hours! Bahaha!!

I recorded elder Wolz singing during a practice!! But it is too big to eamil home... YOu guys can see it when i mail back my camera chip though i guess!!

I GOT PACKAGES TWO PACKAGES THIS WEEK WOOHOO!!! Thank you so much Grandpa Jeff and my family!! They really brightened my week!! Mom and Maggie: I don't know how but the flower made it!! I was so excited!!! I wore the new skirt yesterday!! And we polished off all the chocolate chip cookies yesterday!! Grandpa jeff your cookies were a hit with my district! THank you!! THank you so much for all of your emails and dear elders i really love it!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for all of your love and prayers!! I feel them every day!! It sounds like everyone is doing well and having a party without me!! I love you all so much!!

Miracles happen every day!! Heavenly Father wants to give them to us, we just have to apply our faith!!


Sister Peo

P.s. I hope this letter makes more sense than last week! I wrote it on paper before typing it up so that I wouldn't keep FObing out!!

P.P.S. A really good line that was made during the FOB game this week:

Aisea- why

Someone was writing Aisea on the board and saying it really slowly while they wrote. Elder REid said "Aisea was a prophet"!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!! 

I'm sorry if you don't think these are funny but i seriously almost wet my pants!!

P.p.p.s. img 65 sister garvin and i accidentally matched earlier this week... BAhaha (yes that is not my belt.. I borrowed hers! She basically styles me in the mornings! BAhaha!!)
img 66 Yay packages!!! Notice the flower that somehow survived the mail!!!

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