Friday, August 7, 2015

E Alofa a'u i tripanionship

Talofa Family Friends and Whomever else is reading this!

Very exciting week over here in Provo! The biggest news I have is that I am now in a tripanionship (I have two companions instead of just one). Sister Fiti went home to California (not Hawaii.. sorry for the false info in the last letter) super early monday morning. So Sister Garvin joined Sister Corrigan and I!!! THANK HEAVENS FOR SISTER GARVIN!!! I LOVE HER!! I really would've died about 19 times this week without her! 

My meltdown count is at three: 1) was on saturday and I was just so frustrated with not being able to speak the language. 2) was on monday when I still couldn't speak the language and 3) was monday night when I really just couldn't memorize the spiritual thought schpeel. But Everything got way better when sister garvin joined our companionship! She likes to work super hard just like me and she expresses confidence in me that I can do things. Bless her!

I'm all good now though I promise!!! I now know how to say a prayer, give a spiritual thought, I know 3 sentence patterns, and 100+ vocabulary words. Whoop Whoop!! 

Our investigator we were going to teach for the first time last week was named Fa'asavalu, he was super cool! He turned out to be a teacher: Brother Lolofie. He taught us a few lessons this week but got offered a full time job at Vivint so he's leaving. Tomorrow is the last day we will teach him and we've decided to invite him to be baptized... As an investigator he is ready, and it's our last lesson.

We are getting a new investigator... I don't know "investigator name" but he teaches the other samoan district in our zone. We call him Baby Hawes because he is fresh off his mission to samoa and he looks like he's 15 years old. He will be taking Brother Lolofie's place for us. Our first lesson with him is on monday, and we are not allowed to use notes. We will have to make up sentences while we are in there... it's taking a lot of preparation!!

We are also teaching our district meeting and our relief society meeting on sunday!! Whew! Our preparation has been jam packed with action! Speaking of which we went to the temple today and did sealings which is SOOOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!

Okay funny story time?

The Elders in our district play something we call the F.O.B (fresh off the boat) game where someone says a random word, and they have to incorporate it into a sentence with a FOB accent. If they are really good they will change the meaning of the word with their accents. I will give an example but I don't know how effective it will be without hearing it:


My friend has a motor bike and we do weally on it.

Sounds dumb. BUT WE DIE LAUGHING!!!!! THey play it all the time! The best is when Uso Kinisone (brother kinnison) joins in!! He is hilarious when he's not condescending ;) speaking of brother Kinisone he is crazy!! we are totally allowed to wear maxi skirts!!! he was just making stuff up!! I know because I asked Sister Willes and she said she had never heard that and sister wear them all the time!! BAHAHA!!!!

another funny story:

Our brains are not liking having to speak two languages, so everything ends up all jumbled. We call it Fobing out. I in particular have the tendency to Fob out:

A couple of days ago sister garvin and i were walking through the cafeteria and I said "hang on, let me get a thirst".... definitely meant a drink. Also Wednesday we were studying vocab hardcore so we could reach our goal of 100 vocab words in a week, and that night I had a dream that I was just saying Fa'amoemoega over and over and over. I woke up and apparantly I was sleep talking! Fa'amoemoega was one of my vocab words, it means purpose. I WAS SLEEP STUDYING!!! I have problems. I am desperately hoping that Samoan will click soon. I have a hard time with the vowels... and consonants.... and words... and samoan....
But I am drastically improved from last week!! Woohoo!!

I have gotten SO Much dear elder mail!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Sister Garvin and I bug our district leader All THE TIME for mail (otherwise he forgets to give it to us)!!! So keep it coming!!! Thank you soooo much Gramma, Grandma, Mom, Padre, Mitch, Bugs, Aunt Darci and anyone else who has written me a letter (thats all I can remember off the top of my head, so if you wrote me but i didn't mention you I am sorry!!!) BUT please sign your name... There were a couple where I new who i figured out who it was from from context, but otherwise i wouldn't have known... (Mom) ;). I love you all so much!! I feel your prayers everyday!! 

Alofa Ia te 'oe!!

Sister Peo

I literally can't see what my pictures are and it's not letting me attach anymore (im borrowing someone elses card reader)(I need to go buy one at the MTC store) so i hope it's the one of my tripanionship in front of the temple... if it's something random I'm so sorry!!! LOL!!!!
(I SAW SISTER WELCH!!! SHE CAME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! Also here's more pics!! of my zone in front of the temple!)

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