Thursday, August 20, 2015


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I can't believe it's already P day... It feels like i just emailed everyone yesterday!! Time is so strange here. The days are long but the weeks just slip between my fingers. Samoan is one of the prettiest languages ever! But it is soooo hard for me. I'm working hard, sister garvin and i basically live for vocab. Over meals, in between class, in class, we are always speaking vocab. I know speaking was the wrong word to go in that sentence but it's the correct word in samoan.. I'm wicked fobing out. 

BAHAHA!!! Yesterday we were leaving the classroom for the night and sister garvin said "no we come back"!! The struggle is real!! The worst is that our english is slipping but WE DONT EVEN KNOW SAMOAN!!!!!! We had to teach Uso (same gendered sibling... but he is a brother... they don't make us change it) Hawes last night in samoan spur of the moment.. no notice... *insert correct english here*. The whole class taught him and no one knew what to do. Most of us just sat there trying to fabricate something to say. (i can still remember words like fabricate... what is wrong with me?) 

After that atrocity we basically went and cried frustrated tears to "our teacher" (they claim that they are joint teachers but uso kinnison taught us way longer than haws) Uso Kinisone. He offered to come early to his shift (our dinner) and just talk to us in samoan. BLESS HIM!!!

It has been a rough week. The realization that I am leaving the MTC two weeks from monday (Mom's note: she leaves Sep 7th) is not helping anything. It's kind of like: Here are all of the sentence structures, here's a dictionary, find some vocabulary and leave. I never thought I'd want to stay in provo longer than I had to, BUT THIS IS GOING TOO FAST!!! I STILL KNOW NOTHING!!! that's not true but it feels like it.

Next week we are teaching a lesson every single day alternating betweeen Faletui (Uso HAw's investigator) and Silao (Uso Kinisone's investigator). We teach Silao for the first time on monday. Not to mention that we have TRC for the first time on saturday. TRC is when we teach two different sets of people that are members for 20 minutes. with nothing but our brains. what. i'm going to die.

I really do love the MTC. Sister Garvin and I hold eachother accountable for eating healthy (which is basically impossible in the MTC by the way). Today was a bit of a fail... we ate all of the sage butter popcorn... it was delicious. OH! and we at all of the canadian smarties my family sent us in basically one sitting. Which reminds me sister Garvin humbly requests that you send us more if you guys still have some from the drive home ;) We also wake up early and go running. I was doing really well initially, until i pushed myself too hard and had an asthma attack. sister garvin was furious with me. since then i haven't really been able to run but i'm okay!! 

What else...


My scheduled leave date is the 7th not the 8th? haven't heard anything about my visa.. but i should this upcoming week!

other news...

the struggle is real. I don't know that i have anymore..

 img 56 is of me and sister garvin (sister corrigan skipped temple walk and stayed with a sick sister)

img 59 is our distrcit minus sister corrigan 
               Back row: Wolz , Anae, brooks, holt, damuni
Front row: REid, Garvin, Peo (check out my awkwardness.. Whoop whoop!!)
the companionships are: Wolz and anae, brooks and damuni, holt and reid, peo garvin and corrigan.

Anae and reid have Samoan families, which i personally think is like cheating. Everyone asks if my last name is samoan... I just look at them and laugh. I am so palagi (pa-lang-y)(slang for white people). But Peo is pronounced the correct way in samoan. Just some fun facts!

img 60 is how we practice our lessons for investigators

Despite how difficult my week has been I KNOW my heavenly father is watching over me. The spirit is always helping me and editing things i'm saying in my mind. I know he cares about me and everything im doing. I cry to him all the time and i know he is listening. Every vocab word i get stuck on, he is there to help me. I have never prayed so much in my entire life, and never before have i felt the spirit so strongly inside of me. No matter hard time i am having i would never trade this experience for anything. I am so happy i am here, and I couldn't be having more fun. I can just feel all of the incorrect verbs... I apologize! let me sum it up: Heavenly father love me; heavenly father love you; heavenly father love everybody! I'm going to stop now.

Thank you so much for the packages and mail!!! sister canaan you are great!! It was so awesome to see Jansen Sears this week!! 

Sister Peo
P.S. the title to my last letter meant"I love my tripanionship!" this one means"difficult"

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