Sunday, January 22, 2017

2nd to last email

Sista Péo's Homecoming Talk will be Feb 12th at 11am, .  You are invited to come back to our house following Sacrament Meeting to visit with Sister Péo.  A light luncheon will be served.  As an FYI, next week will be her last email home.  If you would like to send her a quick email this week, her address is  Thank you for your love, prayers and support for both Sister Péo and her family.  We certainly have felt the blessings of having a missionary. --Delise

Lo'u aiga peleina,
This week was absolutely bonkers!!!
Monday- our family home evening fell through so we just went to see Jackie!! MIRACLE!!! We were able to talk to her about her commitment and read the Book of Mormon with her!! We had a great conversation about preparing for baptism and the importance of knowing the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon!!! BUT THAT WAS THE ONLY TIME WE GOT TO TALK TO HER THIS WEEK!!! NOOO!!!!
Tuesday- MLC (Mission Leadership Council), Sister Taugaele stayed with the Samoan Sisters in Papakura and I drove down to Hamilton with Sister Lewis and Sister Clegg! SISTER LEWIS MY SISTER TRAINING LEADER FROM MAUREWA 2ND!!! YAY!!! Elder Cardon from the 70 spoke to us and it was amazing!!!! After MLC, we picked up my companion and then they dropped us back off to our car. I opened the boot, put the car keys inside and my companion's bag with the phone in it and slammed the trunk shut. I realized as I was slamming it what I was doing but it was to late, I locked our keys and phone in the boot!!!! NO!!! And we were stuck in Papakura!!! THE ONLY AREA IN SOUTH AUCKLAND I'VE NEVER COVERED!!!!! Yup, so we went door knocking and borrowed someone's phone, luckily Sister Taugaele remembered Sister Ulu's number. So we called them, and got the Zone leader's number, and called them to call Sister Lewis and Sister Clegg to come back!! There is so much more that happened to this story but to make a long story a little bit shorter, we got help and about 3 hours later a towing company came and unlocked the car for us in about 10 seconds. It made me question the security system on cars... hahaha!!!
Wednesday- We had splits with some missionaries in the English as a second language program in the MTC. We took them out with us for about 6 hours!! They chose us thinking they would be Samoan sisters... they were all from Taiwan... that was very interesting... but it was fun!!! I was able to share my testimony with them that Our God is a God of miracles and if he asks us to learn a new language he makes it possible!!
Thursday- Zone conference in Hamilton again!! We drove down early and came back around 4, this time I didn't lock my keys in the car!! It was so inspired!!! I got some great insights from President and Sister Cummings and also Elder and Sister Cardon!! I feel so much love and peace!!
Friday- Business as usual, planning and trying to catch up from the 2 days of not working in our area!!
Saturday- Business as usual but we also got 2 new investigators which is so exciting!!!!
Sunday- We had the program for Sacrament Meeting about goals!! So I spoke about the ward mission plan for this year in Alema!! But right after Sacrament Meeting, I got really really sick and I made us go home. My companion was worried about me and called Sister Cummings. She told us to cancel all of our plans and rest. I passed out for about 6 hours. I was so sick!! But luckily I'm doing much better now!! :)
Today- we are going to drop by Jackie again, and also James!!!! VAVAU IS FOR SURE GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 4th!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! We will see him on Wednesday!!!!
I used to get really nervous and upset when I thought about the end of my mission. But President Cummings advised me to think of it as another transfer, I am just getting transferred to an area I've served in before and I don't know who my companion is. Ever since I've started thinking about it like that, I have felt so much peace. I am no longer worried. The Lord needs me to serve and do his work in Utah next transfer... but that doesn't mean I slacken my pace now. It also doesn't mean I speed up and try and squish more in. It means I just keep doing what I always do: try my best to do the will of the Lord, nothing less, nothing more. I am in such peace and happiness right now. I am on the brink of some big changes in my life as i know it, but I find strength in just doing the will of the Lord right now, whatever that may be.
Alofa tele atu mo otou!!
Sista Peo

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