Friday, October 28, 2016

Tele vavega i lenei vaiaso!!!

Lo'u aiga,

Heaps of Miracles this week!!!!
We've got lots of new investigators and a couple of them seem keen as, which is so exciting!!!
We went on exchanges with Sister Taugaele and Sister Ulu on Tuesday which was so funny!!! Sister Ulu came with me to my area and Sister Seiuli (my companion now) went to Sister Taugaele (my last companion). That was really fun!! Sister Ulu and I went crazy trying to remember all of our old investigators in this area and try to recontact them all!! When Sister Seiuli came back she told me that they just talked about me the whole time!! HAHA PUNKS!!!!

Sister Ulu got me sick so that has been fun!! We had a ward "Idol" like American Idol... but also dances on Saturday! We got some investigators to come and 2 investigators came to church!!!!

The other highlight to this week is that we were able to talk to Gese, who is my convert that is preparing (or was preparing) to enter the temple in February. When I first came back to this area my Bishop told me that she wasn't coming to church but she always pays her tithing! We went and visited her and I could feel that something was wrong but she wouldn't tell us what it was! Last night, we went and she opened up to us finally!! She could tell that her husband hated it that she would go to a different church than him and that she wasn't supporting him in his calling in his church, so she said she knows our church is true but she always just wants there to be peace in their marriage. That's why she stopped coming! She had made up her mind that she would go to his church and support him. But we talked to her about the temple, reminded her about her goal and the blessing her family would receive from the temple. Then we set up a plan to have family home evenings with her and her husband with her visiting teachers and their families! I am so happy I am to serve in this area again and help Gese and her family! It is truly a miracle!

I KNOW this gospel is true and that through the covenants we make in the temple we can return to be with our Heavenly Father, we can become like him, and we can live with our families forever!! There is nothing more important that we could fight for!!!

Alofa tele atu!!
Manuia lou vaiaso!!
Sista Peo
ME and all of my mission daughters...
Sister Seiuli and me
Fafaga at the Tuimalatu's
Lole Saina
ward activity
Seiuli and me again!! ~ oka se fia aulelei lo'u soa aye?? ;)

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