Sunday, October 16, 2016


Lo'u Aiga,

This week was prime as!!!
We had quarterly interviews with President Cummings on Friday!! We got there 10 minutes early and no one was there so we just started my interview a little bit early!! Which is good because we also finished 10 minutes late!! BAHAHA!!!! President and I had a fun time discussing the situations in this area and the tactics I was using to find people to teach!! He gave me some great counsel for working with less active members that really seems to be working!!! It was such a strong spiritual experience, I felt like some one was pouring warmth into my heart the whole time we were talking. Loved it.

We also had a missionary fireside for the ward last night!! I gave a talk!!! YESSSSSSS! It is the first talk I have given on my mission!!!! I talked about John 14:6 and related it to the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, enduring to the end...) and explained how enduring to the end only means keeping our covenants and keeping the Holy Ghost with us at all time. Then talked about how in our baptismal covenant we promise to take Christ's name upon us.... just like how the missionaries wear Christ's name on their badges! Then I talked about the 3 steps Elder Oaks talked about in his conference talk last week for everyone doing missionary work: 1)pray for the will to do it 2)keep the commandments and 3)pray for the inspiration on what you can do in your life! It was a nice fireside!! I am making referral cards right now to give members in our ward!!

What else?

I went down to Hamilton on Tuesday and got to see SISTER MAIRE!!!!!!!!! (Who came from the Provo MTC with me here!!!) She is Sister Training Leader at the Visitor Center right now!!! I drove down with Sister Green (she served in Redoubt Zone with me at the beginning of my mission and was in my psychology class at the U) and Sister Hazelet (my Sister Training Leader last transfer). Sister Seiuli stayed with Sister Ulu and Sister Taugaele in Manurewa 1st!!

My zone leader (we only have one) Elder Van Theil (he from South Africa--and hes white as) called me this morning to tell me that I have a package and that he read on the customs notice that there was chocolate inside... BAHAHA... SO thank you for whoever sent me the chocolate!!! I will get the box today but the chocolate might go to the elders!! BAHAHA!!!

I love you all so much!!! Hope everyone is doing well and looking for miracles and missionary opportunities!!!! 

Alofa tele atu!!!
Sista Peo
 Sisters Seuili and Peo

Sisters Maire and Peo

Yay Vaai!!

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