Sunday, October 9, 2016


Lo'u Aiga peleina,

I was transferred this last week! I found out on Tuesday, President called and asked me to go back to my very first area:


I was there for 6 months but I guess that just wasn't long enough!! HAHA!!! My new companion Is Sister Seiuli!!! She is from Austrailia, my first companion not straight from Samoa!!
The ward was thrilled to see me Thursday night when we showed up for our missionary meeting!! It was fun to get randomly hug attacked while walking around the chapel! Word spread pretty fast that I was back and then people were basically hunting me down!

Wasn't conference so awesome!! Every single talk was a principal from a missionary lesson... Sometimes the talk WAS a missionary lesson! And there were TWO talks dedicated to MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!! What a blessing!!!

Women's Conference was also amazing!!!! I loved Sister Oscarson's talk!!! How inspiring!! And of course President Uchtdorf ... fourth floor... last door... So perfect!!

This week has been absolutely bonkers between conference, transfers, and starting up this area again!!! We got heaps of referrals from our MCM meeting but most of them wound up being LA's (less active's)... so I got to push them for some investigators!!! One of the investigators we do have is Faava Vavau who I worked with when I was here in February!! He still isn't baptized because of his partner's divorce paper (common problem in South Auckland... no one is married! They just live together!!), but that is supposed to come this month!! So hopefully we can get his baptism planned out!! :)

I love you all so much!! I hope everyone ponders the revelation you received from conference! Especially ponder about Elder Oaks talk... he explained very well the "how" of member missionary work! Pray that you will be able to know how YOU can do missionary work in YOUR life!!
Look for miracles!! They happen every day!!

Alofa tele atu!!!
Sista Peo

Day one in the new area... no food but a double rainbow!! Ya for rain!!!

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