Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sooo this week happened...

Lo'u Aiga,
This week has been epic!! Epic-ly what I'm not quite sure but all I know is that it was definitely that!!
Tilomai never came back from Hastings... She got in a fight with her family that lives here and decided not to come back! We tried to call her to ask if we could send the Wellington missionaries to her and she started avoiding our calls.... so sad.
So she is not getting baptized on Saturday but Iona is!!!! Iona is the man, he has changed so much!! His interview is on Wednesday with the baptism on Saturday!!! What a blessing that he is working so hard to change his life! We are so proud of him! He has taken the lessons many times from many other missionaries!
There were a few days this week that were  SO BITTERLY COLD we almost died!! We had planned to do 12 week and language study in the morning, but were sick of the flat, so we decided to go out and knock doors instead.... so cold!!!!! We lost feeling in our arms below the elbows and our legs below the knee!! I was wearing my ugly shoes (they aren't broken in yet) and when we got home I discovered that not only had they given me blisters on my heels but had ripped off and were bleeding way bad!! LOL!!!! So that was not very fun as I got feeling back!! So I've been alternating between ugly and worn out shoes for the rest of the week, waiting for my heels to heal! They are healing way fast though so that's good!!! Miracles!!! Miracles happen every day!!
We have had some cool referrals that we have been working on turning into investigators!!
Napolean asked us to come back and teach him lesson 1!!!!! Tomorrow!! I am so exctited!!!!
We also had two services on Saturday (potential investigator family and Napolean's family), we took the Leapai family (and their lawn mower) me and Tausili took turns mowing the lawn while everyone else chatted with the family!! Yessss! Missionary work!!!!
Sister Taugaele and I are so exhausted... the plan was to sleep today, but we had to take other sisters to a car dealership.. (I'm always the guide because I've spent my whole mission up here!)... maybe we will try to catch a few zzz's before we have to take them back!!
Alofa tele atu!!
Sista Peo
Oh and I've eaten heaps of kopai this week!! everyone keeps making it for me because they know its my favorite!!!! That's what that big empty bowl was!! LOL!! And that was a funny bumper sticker I really liked... sorry its blurry!!

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