Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lo'u aiga,
This week is awesome!!!
We were so crazy busy getting ready for Iona's baptism!!
Heaps of people came to his baptism on Saturday!!
We also had our ward missionary activity on Saturday, which was also super awesome!! It was just volleyball, basketball and a BBQ because it was so stormy outside but everyone really enjoyed it!!
Also we had a missionary meeting with the Stake President on Saturday! Oka oka busy as!!
Napolean and Beverly came to the missionary activity, and we recruited Napolean to play the piano for our missionary presentation while Iona changed his clothes after his baptism!! So that was awesome to have our investigator help us with our missionary presentation!! :)
This week is super busy as well! We are having Zone Conference tomorrow, so President will come up and be with us for that! Our numbers are slowly turning from all member present lessons to less active/recent convert lessons... Napolean is our only investigator right now! We are trying to do heaps of finding right now... yay for door knocking 😅 And we are helping the ward missionaries do follow up lessons for Iona (Tausili is done with his!!) and the Folasa family! They were baptised in December but no one ever did their follow up lessons so we are also going to help them with that, as they prepare for the temple!!!
Man I feel tired even writing this letter...
Cool things have been happening in this area and I know its because of the obedience of Sister Taugaele and me... Every blessing we receive is because we obey the commandments of God!!
Oh! I forgot to mention!!! FAGAMANU IS LIVING WITH A FAMILY IN MY WARD!!!!! Fagamanu is my first baptism with Sister Taituuga!!!! He doesn't remember me or Sister Taituuga, and is back to being loku pope (catholic?) right now. But all goods! Now I get to work with him again!! Miracles!!!!
Alofa tele atu!!!
manuia le vaiaso!!
Sista Peo
`pi sua (DELICIOUS Samoan food!!!)
~us and Iona!! Notice his gangsta shaved eyebrow... LOL!!
~me Taugaele, Beverley, Napolean, and our ward missionary at the baptism eating yummy food!!
~me and Fagamanu

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