Sunday, September 25, 2016

Door Knocking

Lo'u Aiga,
This week was all door knocking all day long!!!
But we got two new investigators so hopefully we will be able to have some good lessons with them in the upcoming week!!
Zone conference was awesome! We had some great talks about helping our investigator's pray, filling our minds with the words of life, and reflective listening!!!
Also there was a competition to see who had the tidiest car and Sister Taugaele and I were one of the winners!!! :)
We didn't get to teach hardly any lessons this week, which was sad! But something else we talked about in zone conference was measuring our success and how we should be able to feel successful every single day of our missions. What decides our success is not the numbers, but the effort and diligence, and obedience you had while you worked. Also if you helped others, and felt the spirit!! Despite not teaching many lesson this week I feel like we had a extremely successful week. Even if the only soul we brought back to the Kingdom of God was mine own!!
I love you all so much!! Alofa tele atu!!
Manuia le vaiaso!!
Sista Peo

Silliness with Iona's car after his accident

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